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The main idea behind the Bowling is a keen outlook of the causes of massacres in the Columbian high schools and rapid indications of gun violence in the stated fields. The film focuses on the background and the environment in which the said massacres took place. Moore also explores the common assumptions that are associated with the high school massacres that took place. The opinions of the various witnesses are also captured in the story. We can conclusively see that the story captures nature of violence in the United States of America. The story depicts the guns as a symbol of both strength and destruction for America. The gun is a symbol of freedom as it helps the United States to liberate herself from the enemies.

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We see Moore discuss with other people including the then president Charlton Heston, musician Marilyn Manson and the South Park co-creator Matt Stone. Moore looks into the reasons why there are higher rates of violent crimes in the United states compared to other nations in the story. It is very evident that the violent crimes in the united states usually involve gun violence.

Brief overview of the film

The story of the two Columbian students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold serve as the origine of the title of the film Bowling. We initially see the two students responsible for the massacre visit the school early that morning. They attend they Bowling class early that morning with a specific timing stated as 6:00 am. The attack started at 11:18 am. Investigations later showed that the two students were absent from school on that day. However, these are mistaken recollections that were reported by the Golden police department later than expected.

Glen Moore brings in the aspect of Bowling in several means in the film. We for instance find an instance where the Michigan militia makes use of bowling pins for their intended practice. Mr. Moore notes that the two students prefer taking a bowling class instead of physical education. According to Moore, this attitude is likely to have a negative effect especially on the girls and boys educational value. Mr. Moore as well interviewed the girls who he says had a very introverted lifestyle. They associate this introverted lifestyle to the unacceptable behaviour of violence that they portrayed. The interview portrays the two boys as having a very careless attitude towards the game. Just to get a clear grasp of what might have been the cause of the massacre incident, Moore asks the role of the school in ensuring that the students remain well focused on their needs and that their grievances are easily heard then acted upon. Fear of the repercussions by the school administration on the students that raised grievances could be an issue of concern that made the two boys do the massacre.

We as well see Moore interviewing two young residents of Oscoda at a local bowling alley. It is observable that the rate ease with which you may find a gun in Oscoda, Michigan is almost worrying. This ease of accessing guns in this city is a key contributor of the high rates of gun violence in Michigan. According to Moore, bowling might have been responsible for the school attacks. The bombing attacks launched on various countries by Bill Clinton could be associated with the school massacre that occurred. It was most likely an emulation of the event that was going on at the moment.

Free gun for opening a bank account

An initial scene in the film tells how Mr. Moore identified a bank that gave its customers a free hunting gun upon making a deposit into their accounts. Moore practically walks into the bank, makes a deposit then waits in the background only to be given riffles after filling the required forms. He asks out of curiosity the risk involved in walking out of the bank carrying the guns that he was given.

Michigan Militia

Mr. Moore is seen to visit a target practice session for members of the Michigan Militia. Moore gets the general opinion of the member on gun ownership. It is evident that most residents feel that they need their own guns to feel safer.

Weapons of mass destruction

As the movie starts, Moore attributes the violent behaviour of the Columbine shooters to the availability of negligible seriousness defence establishment. The negligence by the [police and the government in checking and authorizing the use of weapons of mass destruction si a factor that is seen to contribute to the increased cases of massacres.

Climate of fear

From Moore's perspective, the Columbine massacre was as a result of the easy availability of guns in the United States. The climate of fear created by the numerous massacre occurrences in the United States at that time is a possible reason why the massacre might have been very simple to conduct. Moore questions the security state of the United states by the fact that the boarders are opened and that all intruders who are a threat the security can come in from all possible routes. Canadian border is spotted to the most affected hence a larger case of surrounding fear.

Moore concludes that the gun ownership is not the main cause of insecurity and gun violence. He states that there is a problem with the American societal organization that ends up causing these.

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