Effects of Immigration on USA

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America is the nation that attracts the attention of everyone. It is believed to be a land of opportunities. This is the reason people have always dreamt and prayed to be part of the United States. It has then resulted to the increasing number of immigrants joining the United States as a high rate with the belief that they will secure the best life there. The fact that the United States Immigration Department has implemented the laws to deal with the high number of illegal immigrants, this has been a dead end given the fact that people have implemented their own ways to be part of the United States. As a result of the increasing number of immigrants into the United States, it has resulted to the economic drain that is affecting the stability of the nation. According to the statistics provided by Kagel in the article, Illegal Immigration;Do Illegal Immigration hurt or help the economy, more than 10 million illegal immigrants live in the United States, and 1400 more arrive every day. Once concentrated in a few big states like Texas and California, they are rapidly moving into non-traditional areas as the Midwest and South (Kagel, 2005). I personally believe that immigrants pose a significant threat to the development of the American society. The main objective of this paper is to provide a deep analysis of the impacts that the increasing number of immigrants have to the United States. These will include the economic, the social and the political impacts that immigrants pose to the United States.

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The articles utilized in this paper offer valuable insights on the topic of immigration. They provide a comprehensive timeline of how this social issue has progressively developed over the years. Most importantly, the articles provide vital data relating to the current status of immigration in the country. This data is highly relevant to assist in the correct analysis of immigration and its effects on the social, economic and political aspects of the US.

Economic Effects of Immigration

The impacts that immigration has to the United States is an issue that have been debated over the years. It is argued that immigrations have a negative impact to the United States in different ways. One of the documented effects of immigration is the impact that immigration has on the economy of the United States as a nation. When it comes to the economy, it is believed that immigration makes the economy of the United States larger, which has a negative to the Americans born natives (Cooper, 1). There is also the issue of fiscal impact where the taxes that are paid by the immigrant minus the cost created for the government because the immigrants that are not educated earning lower income are known to drain the government. In the article, Illegal Immigration;Do Illegal Immigration hurt or help the economy, Chavez, it is estimated that both the legal and the illegal immigrants in the United States have creates the net fiscal burden to the nation in terms of the taxes that are used by the government ranging between $11.4 billion and $20.2 billion annually.

Moreover, the increase in the number of the immigrants affects the availability of jobs in the United States. This is due to the fact that these people are willing to settle for any job as long as they are paid (Cooper 2). In most cases, they pick the low earning jobs that also have a negative impact to the economy in terms of the GDP. This is because there is the reduced GDP that negatively affect the economy. However, despite the negative impact to the economy, it can also be contended that the increase in the number of immigrants has a positive impact to the United States in terms of labor market. In the article, The Realities of Immigration, Chavez states that, Legal immigrations have an 86% rate of participation in the labor force, illegal immigrant males have a 94% rate. This is also important in increasing the GDP of the nation at large. Further, the entry of both the legal and the illegal immigrants to the United States implies that the nation will have to spend more money so that these immigrants are accommodated. As a result, this poses a burden to the United States because of the financial drain that affects the nation in a negative direction.

There has been a greatest concern as to whether the rate of immigrants into the United States has a negative impact to the national security of the country. Apart from the economic impacts, immigration also has a impacts to the United States affecting different aspects of the society such as national security. Immigration has been reported to have a negative impact to the national security and it is associated with counter terrorism activities in the United States. This is because the availability of the immigrants in the United States temper with national security making it tough for the internal security of the country to be effective The simple truth is that we've lost control of our own borders, declared President Ronald Reagan, and no nation can do that and survive as vividly illustrated in the article, Does it damage the economy and strain social services? (Griffin, 3). This is the reason recommendations have been made to reduce the number of immigrants entering the United States so that the nation`s internal security may work effectively.

With the increasing number of illegal immigrants, this has given the terrorists the opportunity to enter the United States with limited restrictions and this is the reason the September attack in the United States is associated with the illegal immigrants into the nation (MacDonald pg 1). As Griffin states the recent events have cast a shadow over America's tradition as an immigrant nation, causing many Americans to view immigration as a source of trouble, not promise. The assail of the New York City's World Trade Center on Feb. 26 was concluded to be a terrorist attack of unprecedented extent in the United States. Numerous illegal terrorists emerging from the Asian nations were prosecuted charged in the case.

Furthermore, there were others who were charged for plotting the attack to bomb the headquarters of the United Nations and these were all living in the United States illegally. There were also the two CIA employees were targeted and killed when they were sitting in their cars near the CIA headquarters Washington, D.C. According to the reports that were released by the police said the criminal who shot these people was known to have Pakistani identity but he was staying in the United States unauthorized. It is surprising that this individual had the license and a job living in the United States illegally (Griffin 3).

Social and Political Effects of Immigration

Immigration enhances the society in one way or another. The increasing number of immigrants in the United States has resulted to the increased population. This has enhanced the society in one way or another. For instance, the immigrants are always ready to take any kind of job regardless of the pay, which has maintained the labor market. However, the United States citizens are highly selective when it comes to selecting the jobs and this is the reason the immigrants have replaced the United States citizens in many job opportunities. As a result, many indigenous American citizens view immigrants as a threat to their ability to get decent jobs. However, immigrants have replaced many Americans in the odd jobs sector. Their limited education makes them perfectly suited for odd jobs. Even with this, Chan, in the article, Immigrants Children Find Better Lives, Study Shows states that, One important reason why, according to the authors, is that even poor uneducated immigrants have often shown that they have the drive, ambition, courage and strength to move from one nation to another, and transmit their determination to their children.

The fact that the immigrants have managed to secure more jobs than the United States citizens themselves has an impact on the national identity. This has created negative perceptions against the immigrants with the feeling that they are the reason why the home citizens do not have well-paying jobs. Nevertheless, Chavez states that, With a growing economy and more jobs than our own population can readily absorb, the US will continue to need immigrants. This is also a challenge to the unity among people in the society. There is a growing hatred brewing because of this negative perception. It is also important to note that a country is guided using a budget that maintains the social services. In this sense, the nation ensures that the services provided in the country are directly proportional to the citizens in the nation. However, with the increasing number of immigrants to the United States, it is not easy to provide the required services to the citizens without straining. As a result, it has emerged that the citizens and the immigrants are struggling to access the social services in the United States.

Immigration also poses an impact to the political system of the United States. It has been a highly debated issue that has sparked a lot of political controversy in the US political arena. The entry of the new residents to the country creates more views as well as perspectives that result to the creation of new politics in the nation. As a result, politicians have also used immigrants as a way of creating political platforms. Additionally, the arguments about immigration reforms have created debates that have created political differences in the country.

Republicans strongly believe that illegal immigration is a major social menace in the society. Their concerns lie with the need for protecting the nations security from any negative influence brought about through illegal immigrants (Republicanviews.org). This resourceful article on Republicanviews.org strongly asserts that, The Republican Party believes in immigration laws and immigration reforms that address the needs of national security. Therefore, they always call for the development of strict immigration laws that inhibit the inclusion of illegal immigrants into the American society. Most importantly, Republicans oppose the provision of similar social benefits to illegal immigrants. They should not enjoy social benefits like the legal citizens of the nation. However, any legal entry into the nation is justified by the Republicans.

Democrats on the other hand, value the input of immigrants into the American economy. They rally for the development of a suitable immigration reform that will protect the national security of the nation while at the same time allowing a fair and justified pathway for all illegal immigrants to acquire citizenship. Democrats are interested into tapping in the economic viability of immigrants by allowing them to contribute positively towards the development of the American society (Democrats.org). This article on Democrats.org states that, Democrats believe that comprehensive immigration reform is essential to continuing the tradition of innovation that immigrants have brought to the American economy and to ensuring a level playing field for American workers. President Obama shares in this view. He made a bold move in 2014 by issuing an executive order that reinstated the citizenship of over five million undocumented immigrants waiting to be deported. The selection of these immigrants was based on the positive influence they had in their societies. It also ensured that these immigrants contribute their taxes. However, he strongly objected to further illegal immigration (Collinson, 2014).

Obamas approach is very similar to that of former President George W. Bush. The Bush administration immigration reforms were based on four principles. The first one was to improve the security at all border entry poin...

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