Effects of Illiteracy

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Education and literacy are vital parts of creating a socially and economically stable global environment. Particularly, ability to read and write is a definite prerequisite for succeeding in this quickly evolving global and technologically advanced society. Researchers and recent events reveal a complete significant of widespread basic of education as an indispensable, if not adequate, state for healthier, more compassionate and autonomous world. Marcus opines that the education of the world has become the business of every individual including governments, civil society, and donors (340). Therefore, inability to read and write does not only deter a person from creative and critical thinking but also presents the world with predicaments such as ignorance and poverty which are stumbling blocks of development.

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First, illiteracy has a major effect on the development and progress of a nation. Research conducted by Marcus, reveals that countries with high level of illiteracy are more likely to be disadvantaged in the global economy (341). This is because illiterate populace cannot indulge in high tech jobs that are currently the driving force of economy of every nation. Notably, a person who cannot read and write is not expected even to touch a computer yet technology is among the key drivers of the worlds economy. Notably, states with less skilled individuals concentrate on jobs that do not need advanced skills. As a result, the progress and development of such countries are in jeopardy which ultimately subjects the populace in ambient poverty.

High level of literacy is also the leading cause of the spread of malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other preventable infectious diseases. According to the research conducted by the World Health Organization, the sub-Haran countries are still leading with the high prevalence of the HIV, and other diseases due to a high rate of illiteracy experienced in the region. Mainly, most individuals who cannot read and write do not take the precaution of the information advertised in television or radio channels on how to prevent the spread of such dangerous diseases. Marcus posit that the current best way of passing information in the contemporary world is through writing since it is quite difficult to reach people on a global scale (340). Therefore, it is evident that such relevant information passes illiterate people due to their inability to read and write.

Lastly, illiteracy deters individuals development and direct people to poverty. According to Marcus, most successful people are those who can critically and creatively think which is majorly contributed by the ability to get information from secondary sources (339). However, illiteracy does not allow people to access the necessary information that is disseminated through books, television, newspapers, radio, or the internet. Notably, this kind of information could comprise of real-world pieces of advice to upsurge the quality of life, such as how individuals should take part in microfinance projects that are aimed at development. In its pure meaning, illiteracy does not hearten a positive social change, personal growth, or the development and preservation of culture and language.

In conclusion, illiteracy has got a pack of adverse effects in the contemporary world and should be eliminated at all cost to ensure personal and global development. Particularly, high rate of illiteracy hinders the progress and development of a nation. This is also applied to individual growth. Lastly, lack of information due to illiteracy has been the primary cause of the spread of the worlds deadly diseases such AIDS.

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