Does Attitude Influence Behavior? - Exemplification Essay

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One of the components that have always stood out about advertisements is linked to the fact that they a geared towards influencing the audience into gaining a positive attitude towards the product or service. Advertisements can rely on messages that appeal to us emotionally or even logically. Some merely praise the product being advertised. Emotional appeal, logical and even ethical appeals can be met through the strategic use of color, pictures, and even statements. Old Spice is one of the products that have managed to utilize these elements fully. It is a brand that is considered to be a favorite for men and has always managed to come up with almost comical and exaggerating advertisement campaigns for its products.

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Impact of Advertisement on Customers Attitude

Attitude can be defined as organized beliefs, feelings that can be relied on as the root of our reaction towards someone or even something. Our beliefs and feelings towards something can either be negative or positive and hence we can find ourselves liking or disliking a particular product. Oldspice is keen to use words to appeal to its audience. The advertisement states smell like a man, man. This is used within the announcement. The next catch statement used is The man your man could smell like". These statements are designed to change the attitude of the audience, judging from what they see.

Old Spice Advertisement Analysis

It is common and only human for a man to want to ensure that he smells like a man. Oldspice uses a confident, good-looking man and clearly supports the fact that he used Oldspice, and hence he is considered to be more manly compared to the people who do not use Oldspice. The connection between this element is that when one smells like a man, he is more likely to change his behavior towards the things he is involved in. The man in the picture is riding on a horse, topless, and seems to be having fun. He even goes as far as holding a can of Oldspice, and he is next to a beach. Any man, either in the office or at home would like to enjoy life as much as Mr. Oldspice.

Old Spice Message to Customers

The message in the advertisement encourages the audience to purchase the product, and after using it, they will be more confident being that they will be smelling like real men. We can quickly start filling in gaps on how confident men or rather real men act. Confident men are more likely to walk without shirts and even ride horses. The attitude that is anticipated from the use of Oldspice is expected to help the user show confidence, which is considered to be a positive addition to their lives.


Advertisements are designed to appeal either to our ethos, logos, or pathos. All these components can be used at once to improve the impact that an advertisement has on its audience. Oldspice is among those brands, and that is one of the reasons that makes its publication worth analyzing. They use strong statements that assure men that when they use these products, they will become manlier. The picture used to show a man who looks very confident hence re-enforcing the fact that with an active, manly attitude, the users are more likely to behave like "real men".


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