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Theme: LOVE

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Quote: People take loves continuity for granted, just as they take their bodys continuity for granted. They dont realize that the best thing about love is its regular presence (Levithan, 2012, p. 58).

Idea: People take the presence of love in their life for granted, but it is a big mistake love is fragile and hard to find, one should value every day one spends with people he/she loves.

Quote: This is what love does: It makes you want to rewrite the world. It makes you want to choose the characters, build the scenery, guide the plot. The person you love sits across from you, and you want to do everything in your power to make it possible, endlessly possible (Levithan, 2012, p. 175)

Idea: Love is a feeling that empowers people to do things they might have considered impossible before, it gives them strength to change the world and change themselves in the first place.

Quote: I know our nakedness means something. I know our nakedness is as much a form of trust as it is a form of craving. This is what we look like when we are completely open to each other. This is where we go when we no longer want to hide (Levithan, 2012, p. 229)

Idea: Love in all its forms, especially physical love, means trust. When you are naked both physically and emotionally you stop hiding you, who you are, your true self, you become vulnerable. This is why you allow yourself to be naked both literally and figuratively only with people you love and trust.


Quote: I am hyperaware of the butterfly effect that threatens to flutter its wings with every interaction. If you think about it hard enough, if you trace potential reverberations long enough, every step can be a false step, any move can lead to an unintended consequence (Levithan, 2012, p. 195).

Idea: Peoples lives are connected in many unexpected ways and you have to be very careful and respectful in your relationships with others so that not to hurt them.

Quote: Ultimately, the universe doesnt care about us. Time doesnt care about us. Thats why we have to care about each other (Levithan, 2012, p. 195).

Idea: We do not know if any higher powers exist. Nature is objective and it follows its own path of evolution. This is why people have to care about each other. Other human beings are the only hope that we have.

Quote: Every person is a possibility (Levithan, 2012, p. 310).

Idea: In our lives we often do not notice people or consider them insignificant or useless. This is very wrong. One should view everyone as a possibility for love and friendship, for care and support, for mutual understanding and new dreams, maybe for just a chat over a cup of coffee and endless number of other things. Every person is unique and valuable.

Theme: IDENTITY (who we are, how we see ourselves, how we want to be seen and how others actually see us)

Quote: Im just me, I tell her. I always feel at home and I never feel at home. Thats just the way it is (Levithan, 2012, p. 205).

Idea: In our own perception of the world we are not always males or females, we can be both or we can be neither. Gender stereotypes are artificially created by the society and they certainly oversimplify things. Everyone is unique and has to be seen and appreciated as he/she is, no matter what if this person is male or female.

Quote: Biologically female, gendered male. Living within the definition of his own truth, just like me. He knows who he wants to be. Most people our age dont have to do that. They stay within the realm of the easy. If you want to live within the definition of your own truth, you have to choose to go through the initially painful and ultimately comforting process of finding it (Levithan, 2012, p. 255).

Idea: Not all people have to make choices regarding their gender. Those who do face many hardships in their life from realizing what they are to making it know to other people and accepted by them. What they deserve is certainly respect.

Quote: And once again I think about how people use the devil as an alias for the things they fear. The cause and effect is backward. The devil doesnt make anyone do anything. People just do things and blame the devil after (Levithan, 2012, p. 142).

Idea: People fear what they do not understand. They often judge and hate those who are unlike themselves. Then they blame their own negative feelings and unjust conduct, bias and prejudice on devil or other external forces so that they could stay clean themselves. But one has to accept responsibility for how he/she treats others even if they are different, because underneath we are all the same we are humans.

Quote: It showed me how arbitrary and individual it is, the way we experience the world. Not just that the other senses were sharper. But that we find ways to navigate the world as it is presented to us. For me, it was this huge challenge. But for her, it was just life (Levithan, 2012, p. 232).

Idea: We are all different because we have different life circumstances, abilities and disabilities etc. You can never understand somebody else unless you try walking in his/her shoes. This is why should never judge people by their gender, skin color, sexual orientation, social status, financial background, etc. The important thing is what choices these people make.

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