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I don't think that designer babies can be used as a way of discriminating against people who are victims of the act. Imagine if your parents obtained you via such means, I don't think that society should look down upon you, but it is good to accept such people the way they were conceived. But for real sense, someone can ask why design baby? Why don't we be born natural way? Anyway, my primary aim is to evaluate if designer babies can create changes in our society.

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It is very true that the children who are born now are designed the way an individual wants it to be. If for instance, a person wants a baby who is bright then genetic engineering is the best option for this. I am going to talk of some of the points which are going to let us know changes brought by designer babies. The first point is that designer babies are made by using PGD and gene therapy. Secondly, designer babies will have some distinct traits from individuals who are conceived naturally. My last point is that designer babies are going to bring a lot of gender gap between societies.

I am going to analyze each idea one on one. Designer babies are made via PGD and gene therapy. The idea here means that these children are conceived through genetic manipulation where the embryo is tested before being transferred to the embryo for implantation. However, in vitro fertilization is a major concern here where the victim is not able to conceive the baby in the uterus hence the individual is to choose the kind of cell she needs to be implanted. The desired characteristics are mostly things that are looked into. Secondly, the babies who have been conceived via the artificial way are going to have different traits which are very distinct in the future. These issues come in due to the manipulation of the gene to obtain the desired character. Doing so is a very dangerous act that poses the future generation to mutations. Hence, the next generation would raise different traits which can be problematic. Lastly, I cannot imagine a society where there will be composed of few females or vice versa. When the concerned individuals are choosing for instance male cells for a reason that might be private would be a great danger in the future in that same-gender might be discriminated against. This means that individual choice is a very dangerous act in comparison to the natural means where the sex of the baby is determined by chances and probabilities.

My Testimony on How I Learned About IVF, Pgd, and Gene Therapy

In vitro fertilization was for the first time used successfully in the year 1978. It was after some years later that researchers started to find a possibility of obtaining or extracting cells from an embryo with an aim to get an idea of the potential health of the child that might happen due to the implantation of the embryo. The first experiments on pre-implantation testing in pregnant human beings were reported and published in the year 1990. A lot of improvements have been made since that time with an aim to make the technology much better. PGD is the process of removing the cell from in vitro fertilization-embryo for genetic experiments before transferring the embryo into the uterus. The term PGD is loosely used to mean any testing done on an embryo before being transferred into the uterus. The process involves removing the cell from the IVF embryo to test it for the particular genetic condition before transferring the embryo to the uterus.

Many have been said concerning designer babies. However, the idea has been increasingly used as a procedure that is meant to assist couples with infertility issues to be in a position to conceive children. Bioethicists have protested that parents possess the right to prenatal autonomy which makes them be able to decide the fate of the child. Some augments have been found to be favoring the designer babies suggesting that parents have the ability to determine the result of the children's lives based on the environmental choices. These should be able to absolve the ethical issues facing genetic selections.


In conclusion, I believe that designer babies are not good for our societies due to some dangers they pose. Conceiving children via PGD and IVF is not an ethical process in our societies though I am well aware that it helps individuals with infertility issues. Designer babies will be a big threat to society in the future due to the passion for traits that could be abnormal and unsuitable for the environment. However, the continued specification and preferences of the parents on the gender of the baby is going to bring issues of gender disparities, and we will not be in a position to have a society with two genders as usual. Thank you for your time God bless you.

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