Application for the Graduate Research in Biochemistry

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Dear Oxford University Admissions Board,

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I am writing to place my application for the Graduate Research in Biochemistry for the semester commencing in the year 2017. I learnt about this Master program being offered in your institution through an advert in the local daily dated 29 February 2016. It Is my believe and confidence that the four years that I have spent in my undergraduate level as well as the work experience in the various positions that I have held in research and related areas gives me a strong position to be a favorite candidate for this Master program. My utmost interest is your leadership in research across the world as well as hand-on work in the field of research and innovation.

Currently I am a researcher at the University of Maryland where my responsibility is to conduct research on the bacteria that lives in the guts of the cows as well as the use of antibiotics in cattle. Additionally, I have conducted experiments with an aim of achieving cancer cell research objectives. Apart from that, I am also completing my Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland. In the past, I have worked with the American Red Cross organization where I wooed donors to support the organizations work. Additionally, I worked in a dental office in Germantown where I prepared patients for dental examination and reconciled the schedules for the dentists and surgeons. Through those positions, I have had great interaction with the public, which makes me better prepared for a graduate program in this university.

Attached are copies of my resume and a statement of philosophy for your consideration. I will be glad to welcome you to interview me on any issues in your convenience.

Thanks in advance.


Professional Experience:

University of Maryland, College Park MD

- Researcher

- Conducted research in microbiology about the bacteria that lives in cows gut and use of antibiotics in cattle

American Red Cross

- Greeting donors

Dental Office, Germantown, MD:

- Greet and preparing patients for dental examinations

- Coordinating appointment responsibilities for both the dentists and the oral surgeons


- University of Maryland, College park MD

- Biochemistry Minor in Genetics

- Doctors Help

- West link careers Phlebotomy Certificate

- EMC certificate

Honor and Awards:

- 2nd place in science fair

- 4th place in research in MIST tournaments

The most improved title and award:

- Completed advanced research of cow of the future in microbiology field

- Core Competencies

- Excellent analytical skills

- Collaborative team member

- Computer proficiency

- Extremely organized

Statement of Philosophy

It is my belief that learning is a continuous process that does not end. As such, from the undergraduate programs people should seek the graduate programs so that they can increase their knowledge and skills. Additionally, a graduate program offers an opportunity to the candidates to master their own field of specialization and acquire new skills, which will help shape the world that they live in.

I believe and trust that research is a very important tool towards the innovation of new methods as well as the modification of the existing ones. The role of a researcher is to unmask an unknown condition and bring an explanation to the inexplicable. Therefore, it is my trust that getting a chance in this university will help me makes innovations that will change the nature of things and bring about new ideas to the scientific world.

It is in my utmost belief that lifestyles are determined by the level of hard work that we put in our specific areas of specialty. In this regard, accomplishments in life go hand in hand with the knowledge of the same, which is obtained through furthering studies. This chance of getting a masters program provides me with an opportunity to change my lifestyle for the better and become more knowledgeable. Additionally, I will be able to shape the society and become a role model for the other students who look up on me. Indeed, this is an opportunity to change the world with increased innovations and creation of knowledge.

Recommendation Letter for My Peer Reviewed Teammate

Dear Brenau University Admissions Committee,

I am writing in support of (insert name) application for a Graduate Occupational Therapy Program for the fall 2017 semester to your esteemed university.

We have been in the same university with (insert name) and he is undoubtedly one of the most revered students in the university. Being in the same university for all those years, he has levels of vision, insightfulness and attention is remarkable. He was always in time for classes and contributed to every activity in university that he was part of. More importantly, he stood out among his peers for his eagerness to engage in the process of learning and discovery. Indeed, he was a great treasure for Brenau University and a good friend to me.

Through the various discussions that we had with him, he was consistent and principled in every aspect. His dedication and commitment to success and that of others is terrific. He was always engaging others and listened to them before voicing his opinion.

Based on my observation of his aforementioned abilities, I highly trust and believe that he can be an outstanding addition to your prestigious university. I therefore, recommend him for admission in your university. Kindly contact me for any queries or clarifications.

Yours sincerely

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