Communication Strategy Analysis Template: Problem-Solving Persuasive Presentation

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What is the problem youre trying to solve? How does it impact the organization or group? Lack of exercise is harmful to our health.

Cardiovascular disease happens to be the countrys number one cause of death and its caused by inactivity. Lack of exercise leads to clog arteries, veins and excess fat thus increasing the prevalence of getting heart attacks.


What is your objective for this presentation? What specifically are you going to ask your audience to do? To show the great importance of physical exercise, to improve the quality of life and enable individuals enjoy health, physical, psychological and emotional benefits in their lives.


Who will be in the conference room? Who is your target audience (decision makers)? Is there a secondary audience? What are the audience characteristics and interests relevant to your message? Youth (Mostly 18-25 year olds) Main target audience

College students and high school students.It is always said that college students are healthy but this is not the case and this is because most of their time is spent studying. Motivation to engage in physical exercises is very low. Senior students in high schools are in much better shape because they engage in sports more and they enjoy playing competitively.


What are the contextual factors that may influence your message? Lack of exercise has led to the prevalence of cardiovascular disease which is the number one cause of death..There is a lot of concern over the rising cases of obesity in the nation..Establishing the measures to promote exercise is not going to be easy because most people dont like getting tired.


What is your overall message? What do you expect others to feel and do because of your message? Whats the best method for organizing your message? Because of the current situation of rising cases of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, I recommend that we sensitive people on the need to do physical exercise, the advantages accrued and establish this behavior at an early age.

As I highlight the ongoing issues and outline the benefits of promoting physical exercise, its imperative for schools, media and the state to help in sensitizing and spreading the word.

I will outline the risks associated with lack of physical exercise.

The problem-solution approach is the best method of organizing the message.


What information must your presentation include? The presentation must include why the need for physical exercise.

The presentation must include the repercussions of people not involving themselves in physical exercise to the individual and to the state as well.


How can you build support for your position? What are the benefits to your audience if they take the action you recommend? Physical benefits has several advantages and they include;

Improving an individuals mental health and mood

Reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases and controlling of weight

Reduces the risk of contracting Type 2 Diabetes

Reduces risk of contracting some types of cancers.


What objections can you expect? How can you address or minimize the objections? One objection will be persons claiming that time is not adequate and this could be solved through waking up earlier, walking more instead of driving.

People claiming that exercise is boring. This is solved through varying the physical exercise routine, exploring new options and selecting exercises one can enjoy.

That after work one is too tired to exercise. This is solved through earlier preparation, exercising early in the morning and utilizing lunchtime properly.

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