Clinical Experience: Acute Bronchitis, Lung Cancer

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In the day to day life, people visit clinics due to different reasons. Some of the major reason is to seek medical attention due to some ailment or physical disorders. Another reason people book for appointments in the dispensaries is to get to have medical checkup. This is done so as to satisfy them that they are living healthy (Robert, James & Hedges, 2009). For a medical practitioner to give answers to these patients and eventually provide a solution there has to be procedures that he should follow. In carrying out the clinical procedure on the 65 year old Sara Jones it has brought about differential diagnosis including; Acute Bronchitis, Pulmonary Emboli and Lung Cancer.

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The diagnosis of Acute Bronchitis was due to the increased coughing that Sara experienced. It is not however accurate when the coughing started. This is because the details are not provided. On the other hand, it is clear that the medication has not helped in reducing it. In addition, the past medical condition of the patient which is characterized with pneumonia could be the reason why the bronchitis has some infections. It is a risk that any patient has after suffering from pneumonia (Robert, James & Hedges, 2009). These patients are required to be more careful not to expose themselves to dust or cold. This could cause some degree of wheezing in the patient and eventually leading to acute bronchitis.

Lung cancer is characterized by a lump in the lungs. This lump leads to a cough that does not go away or gets worse. It could also lead to coughing up blood or rust-colored sputum and shortness of breath. More so, patients who have lung cancer could have infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia that dont go away or keep coming back. These are symptoms that Sara had and it led to a requirement for her to undergo advanced checkup (Kneebone, 2002). The examination would be an X-ray image of your lungs may reveal an abnormal mass or nodule. In addition, a CT scan can reveal small lesions in your lungs that might not be detected on an X-ray. More so, Sara underwent sputum cytology so as to come up with a definite diagnosis. This was due to the cough that Sara had and production of sputum. Looking at the sputum under the microscope can sometimes reveal the presence of lung cancer cells (Kneebone, 2002). All these tests certified the existence of cancerous cells in the lungs of Sara and early treatment would be advised to reduce spread of the cells. Existence of Pulmonary Embolis in Sara was due to the coughing. This led to the diagnosis of that PE and the certification was done through the X-ray.

In conclusion, the primary information gathered from the patient aids the medical practitioners. This is because it will give direction on the diagnosis and ways of administering the treatment (Williamson, Griffith & Darley, 2013). Therefore, it is equally important not to ignore any data from the patients. This brings leads to the assumption that the preceptors teaching are in order based on the evidence that is eventually gathered from the clinical procedures. There is need for the society to appreciate the roles of the medical practitioners in the society and ensure that there is improvement of the standards of help and that every human being enjoys their mental and physical health.


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