Calculation of Ecological Footprint

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Our planet earth is the only planet that support and sustains human life. The human activities done affect the planet making it unfavorable for human living. Ecology deals with the relationship between living organism and the surrounding environment. The ecological footprint is used to determine individual demand on the environment and nature as a whole. It measures the amount of land and area under water required by the human population. Calculation ecological footprint is done by taking into consideration holistic biological matter consumed by man and the total biological wastes produced by the individual annually. The ecological footprint of and indicial is normally calculated by considering total biological wastes consumed and the total carbon dioxide produced by the individual in a given year. The materials and waste are translated to represent global hectares and the materials consumed per years are divided by the specific land area yodel after converting into global hectares. It results into total ecological footprint of an individual. It is a reflection of an ecology footprint calculation that illustrates how changes for sustainable ecological development were made. It is followed by manipulation of the calculations. Finally, it has discussed opinions opportunities that can be implemented to improve the countrys current situation.

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Ecological Footprint Calculator was used to calculate the impact on natural resources and to determine possible opportunities for changing the lifestyle choices. Calculating ecological footprint has enhanced understanding among environment, economy, society, and equity as related to each other. Goods and services developed from natural, social and financial capitals, generates economy. This calculator gives me the importance of how daily decisions are made. The ecological footprint and harmonized measure of natural capital demand against the planet's ability to regenerate. The footprint is a representative of the total productive earth.

The ecological footprint was calculated among low income group which majorly rely on agriculture to earn their income. Therefore, consumption was basically on what can be grown. Countries with higher level of income have a higher demand for goods from other countries. Import and export impact on ecological footprint. While importing goods other parts of the world are affected since they consume resources from that country. During consumption of goods, the country importing goods is also affected by pollution from such products waste. Therefore strategies should be developed to save the country as well as the entire world for the benefit of ourselves and future generation. Low income nations who majorly depend on agricultural activities have low import and export and thus they do not have an impact in the worlds ecological system. The United States for example has a large ecological footprint because it is an industrialized nation with high level of income with higher demand for goods from other countries. Importing goods means consuming resources from other places and this affects other places. But because they area wealth nation with power they need to use that to help save the earth for ourselves and the future generations by implementing standards for sustainability.

Two footprint calculators were used to find out the ecological footprint. Unluckily, the footprint came to be 18.6 at Using ecological footprint, foot print came to be 36.4. This seemed interesting because it showed number of earths needed to maintain the kind of lifestyle. If everyone adopts my lifestyle on the planet earths we will require 4.2 Earths and the number of actress required was 21.6. This generally showed broken down of the foot print. My lifestyle currently is a family of four living in one family house of around 250square meter, with own car, healthy food diet and one family trip per year

Manipulation of ecological footprint

After calculations of ecological for footprint, following are plans that can be implemented to reduce it. These changes to be implemented include; Keep away from processed, foods packaged for long, the bottled water and meat reduction and consuming coffee which result in fossil fuels. In order to reduce water and energy consumption, people need to invest in solar panels. Creating quality time with family by minimizing eating out and entertainment and preventing carbon footprint. Also reduces carbon dioxide emission.

Things that can be used to improve ecological footprint, starting with cutting back on eating as much animal bi-products. This would help cut down on global acres needed to produce these items. Another action can be used is purchasing items used frequently in bulk or in recycled packing materials so as to help cut down on the waste. Some other areas I can change my habits or actions in a positive way is to eat more produce. This is going to have a positive affect by cutting back on gas consumption to get the goods here; it will also help in diet by acquiring more natural foods in the diet and getting away from processed foods and affecting weight positively.

The decision will help reduce packaging and depletion of natural resources. The depletion is brought about by air pollution and water pollution that is caused by production and waste or pollution after consumption. Another way to bring a positive impact is to start using reusable grocery bags. Also use cleaner transport so as to reduce the carbon footprint for example the one produced by flight and personal vehicles. By using less personal vehicle and take public transport offsets carbon dioxide emission associated with sustainable transportation travel. Adding energy saving features at home. Finally, want to have a positive impact on my ecological footprint and have an influence by being a role model to my family, friends and the society at large. I also want the changes I make today to impact positively in the future generations

Ecological footprint was used to seek an answer on the amount of the biological land capacity that was required by the low income population in the country. It also answered the biological productive required by the people. The ecological footprint therefore measures the extent to which an individual is using the natural resources. Today we have exceeded the global biological capacity and living unsustainably by depleting the existing natural resources. It is estimate that by 2050 the earth will be consuming an equivalent of three planets if the expansion progresses and growth rate experienced now continues. With the selfish nature of mankind they will not take an opportunity cost so as to improve their wellbeing and that of the future generations and this will be the major challenge in future.

In conclusion, the discussion provides opportunities that are available in reversing the present degradation trends. They include creation of resource efficient infrastructure and cities and through campaigning for better practice of the green technology and innovation. In hopes of reducing the footprint, people should drive less; eat more organic food, making homes more energy saving and efficient and using renewable energy sources. They should not overlook the unavailability of resources and have the assumption that the earth must produce these resources.

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