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The ColourPop is a cosmetic company established in 2014 by brother and sister, John Nelson and Laura. At present, the corporation is two years old with a mission of changing the business of beauty forever. The founders, John Nelson and Laura, launched the business collection with about thirty-one eye shadow shades for $5 each, and the business has grown to involve cheek colors, lip and eyeliners, and their best-seller by the name Ultra Matte Lips (Schott, 2016).

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Statistics of the ColourPop Company

ColourPop Cosmetics is a Los Angeles-based makeup brand, especially for the cool kids and the company has already attained about 2.4 million followers, 1, 908 posts, and 96 following on the Instagram social page. Besides, the firm has about 275, 992 likes of people on the Facebook page with about 8, 437 tweets, 91 following, 198, 000 followers, and 60, 800 likes on the Twitter page. The company primarily functions in the cosmetic business within the Miscellaneous Retail Sector (MRS). The company has been functioning for about two years now since its year of establishment, 2016. The business is estimated to produce $47, 000 as its annual revenues with the employment of various people such as distributors located in Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles, and California State.

Marketing Strategy of the ColourPop Company

Marketing strategy is an essential aspect for the growth of an organization, and John Nelson and Laura understood the need of identifying the best marketing strategy for their company. They identified a strategy that could attract many customers in purchasing their products. John and Nelson identified social media as the best place to get enough customers for the development and success of ColourPop Inc. since Anastasia Beverly Hills and the Urban Decay had used the same strategy to gain their popularity (Wischhover, 2016).

The company burst onto Instagram with its colorful glory, thus capturing the lips and hearts of everyone in need of cosmetics. The beauty influencers fumed collectively about reasonably priced products, thus leading to the conspiracy and suspicion theories that were being popped up about the success of the ColurPop Company (Wischhover, 2016). The marketing strategy used here to attract many customers was the reduced cost of the cosmetic products, thus attracting many people, especially people that had seen the companys advertisements on various Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The founders, John Nelson and Laura, made a conscious decision to market their firm, especially through social media with the reason of attracting many audiences. The founders marketed their company by employing Vloggers such as Kathleen Lights and Coffee Break With Dani with the reason of advertising the products produced by the company in their channels, and this marketing strategy worked for the company.

Customer Services Relationships of ColourPop Company

ColourPop uses different methods to achieve customer service relationships. For example, the organization uses different communication methods to communicate with its customers. Email is one of the adopted methods used for communication purposes. When they receive an email from a customer, customer care will promptly respond to the email so that the customer can get quick feedback, thus achieving its goals of attracting many customers due to efficient customer care service. Also, the company learns and builds trust from their customers, thus creating a good customer-service relationship in the company. The goal of learning and building trust from the customers is to understand their areas of weaknesses so that they can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Size of the Colourpop Company and Its Goals

ColourPop started as a small company under the management of two founders, John Nelson and Laura. However, the company has rapidly expanded overstock keepings units such as lipsticks over a period of two years, 2014-2016. For example, in 2015, ColourPop Inc. was rated as the fastest-growing firm in the production and sales of the beauty hottest group, cosmetics, and color, and the products are only sold online. The firm was established with Millennial in mind. Currently, it has rolled out various stock-keeping units such as lipsticks, blushes, shadows, and much more cosmetics that are priced between $5 for every single item to about $40 for a kit. The founders realized that there was an opportunity, thus making them venture into the beauty business with a goal of bringing a fast accelerated brand of cosmetics to the market as fast as possible to get an authentic customer response (Staff, 2015). The response from various customers would play an essential role in adjusting the needed brand to the market. This goal has enabled the company to receive various feedbacks from different customers, and the feedbacks are helping the company to obey the customers' requests, thus helping in the faster growth of the company.

Colourpop and Expansion Inside the U.S and Internationally

ColourPop is gradually expanding its company within the United States, especially in Los Angeles City and outside the United States. The delivery of the products is completed within 3 to 5 days for the customers residing within the United States and 10 to 21 days for the customers residing outside the United States without the involvement of holidays and weekends. Currently, the company is looking forward to ensuring that all its products are shipped to each country across the world.

Executive/Sole Distributors Around the World

ColourPop Company has sole distributors that operate online. Once the distributors get an order from a customer, they pack the requested product or products and ship the product or products to the customer using the address provided by the client. The online distributors are trusted, and they pack the products neatly and securely.

What Is the Next Step of the Colourpop Company?

The next step of the company is to come up with a makeup set with Karrueche Tran scheduled to be launched. According to the founders, John Nelson and Laura, the dream collaboration of the company would be Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games (Schott, 2016). The founders are not afraid to test with color, and every girl will rock every shade.

ColourPop Cosmetics Competitors

The company is facing stiff competition from different cosmetic firms such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay that gained popularity from the social media pages. However, the company is striving to look for various marketing strategies to ensure that they win the market.

Results and the Expectations for the Company in Future

The company is performing great with an everyday increase in the number of customers across the world. The increase in the number of customers can be seen from the increasing number of likes, followers, and following in social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The company will continue to grow, thus achieving its goal of attracting many customers due to efficient customer care service due to its effective marketing strategies that were identified by the founders.


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