Analysis of Activities Involved in Leadership and How It Is Gained

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The process of restoring a situation to its previous state to where it belonged, will always entail several considerations to be put in place. The main consideration has to be the person that will leading the pack towards returning the something to its previous state. There is always on person that is chosen to lead others towards attaining a certain victory and the way they carry themselves is very essential (page 125, paragraph 1, line 3-4). The person selected despite their flaws and downsides as compared to their fellow competitors, once considered there is no turning back about the decision. There are certain downsides in a person that will make them be incapable to act or be productive as they are to be reason being they lack of certain traits in them which they can gain as they develop. In trying to develop the appointed individuals they will be surrounded by people who will be tasked to mentor and train them on working to resolve their flaws while also improving their capabilities.

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There are certain qualities that are so essential for a leader of any group for them to have the best performance in the capacity that they are. In the efforts to instill this traits to a person it can involve several ways of which others can be viewed as rigorous but they just have to be put in place. The mentor is one important person who to train the person in developing them both in knowledge and mind to influence them in making better decisions especially as leaders or in achieving a certain goal. They will be their accountability partners in all of their actions just to make sure they are making progress in their quest to have the desired traits to hold certain positions (page 126, paragraph 2 line 24-269). The mentor in many cases are the people the person being mentored would like to emulate, with these most of their actions will be the same as those of the ones guiding them. A development or change in person can be detected by just change in the way they will be acting and responding to different situations they encounter. Upon maturity the leader may have the guts and courage to bring out their whole when confronted with a challenge while leading the others that are behind them and also motivate them to act courageously. Courage can be categorized into several classes depending on where it is being excised or the person that is showing the courage. Having a better judgement on how we make decisions is another important quality that is needed in a well-qualified leader for them to be effective in their position. According to book 1 of Homers illiad wisdom being one of the most essential quality of a leader, the character in the book couldnt be considered as a better leader as he lacked it.

In whichever position we are in a society or in life is always essential to treat each and every person equally without discriminating them in terms of gender or their position (page 127, paragraph 3 and line 29-32). Most times when people climb the ladder of leadership especially the male leaders they tend to despise their female counterparts in the society they belong. This can be considered a lack of leadership qualities and only that can make a person seen as incapable of handling a certain position they are entrusted to lead. Respect is considered a universal thing which should be showed and expressed in every situation despite the person that is to be showed. From the passage the person in question is not considered developed as it is expected as he is not able to be respectful to all the people that he deals with. This calls for advice being given to him so as that level of respect whenever they are dealing with any circumstances. This tries to bring out how one will be able to handle situations or themselves in the position they will be holding when faced with challenging situations. When in a leadership position with goals set for them to be accomplished, it will take a leader with strategic approach to be able to reach the end of it all.

Revenge is supposed to be a calculated mission of which for one to attain it, a proper preparation will be required by them. It is a very complex in nature process that can make it last for long that it can be passed to the next generation in line. When trying to perform something that is known to have very many connected operations will need advanced way of acting on it. The complex nature is also attributed by the fact that the other party that you are revenging to are also revenging so it will seem like a war between the involved parties. The preparation will involve having group of people who are led by very competent leaders who might be selected from them based on their proven record in place. The leaders need to be already well developed mainly from what they have done before and have advanced in all aspects of leadership they will need to handle. The courage of the leader will always enable to take the other people i the pack in quest for revenge either from their competitors or people who wronged them before (page 132, paragraph 1 and line 4). The trait of doing things without fear will have a positive impact to the group being led as they will have hope for better results out of that. Once the leader sets a good example for others to emulate it will make easier for all others to attain revenge. When revenging the potential of the person or group revenging against is another important factor to put into consideration for it to successful. This will help to know which strategies that are supposed to be put in place in order to ensure the approach that is being used is effective.

There are times that people have tried all means to solve a particular problem that they are facing but to no vail maybe due to it being complex or they having no clue on how to tackle it. There are challenges that might be recent and solving them with outdated approaches may prove so hard to totally defeating it. A leader can approach a longtime that it has proved so hard for him with the group that he leads to solve by giving chance to another individual. The person that can be offered such a chance as a successor is always mentored slowly through a long period of time. The time duration for the mentoring process is key because it is something that is gained not that rapidly as people tend to view it for it to have effective change in them (page 128, paragraph 1 and line3-4). When the individual is trained to the extent that their predecessor may feel they are capable enough based on how they act when given some opportunities they can now be offered the chance. This approach can prove advantageous as this new leaders despite having to emulate their predecessors they have unique way of tackling challenges that are their already.

Development also comes with state of being independent in trying to do everything without relying on advice or support from the people that surround us (page 129, paragraph 1 and line3-5). The independence is considered useful not only to the individual but also the society when the decision made without influence of others is good as when one was advised. This will also improve the ability of an individual with advanced independence capabilities to be able to have self-control not only towards people but also the challenges they face. This quality can be so important also on how an individual treats each and every person that we come across especially when in a leadership position.

Unity is a key factor when trying to achieve a certain goal that has been set especially with a society. The unity is about involving all the parties affected in the process of trying to find a solution of any challenge or anything that is affecting them. There are different groups and societies that are led by different people who have different approaches of their leadership, some approaches mat prove successful while others are a failure. A leader can try to unite with other leaders and share ideas on how to effect better approaches on tackling issues that they face in their leadership process. When in need of any aid from others it would be easier for them to be willing to provide such when they are in good terms with the person in need for such. Acting in unity is considered a very beneficial approach of doing any work as the time taken will be shorter due to the large numbers involved at a given time.

Success comes with having an excellent preparation for what is going to happen in the near future. When all the people are prepared for anything that is going to happen without it lagging them behind towards achieving an aim in most cases success is always guaranteed. In leadership more especially having right prepared people in place who always do their tasks is it ought to be is always very essential. (Page 135, paragraph 1, line 17-24).

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