ACE Star Model Vs Joanna Briggs Institute Model

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Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a phrase used to describe the usage of research-proven assessments and medications, in day-to-day patients health care services delivery. In this case, clinicians study emerging research literature continuously, on various issues, so as to be always updated with the best standards of clinical practice available. In addition, EBP plays a huge role in the clinical decision making process. This essay is a comparison between the two EBP models, ACE Star Model and Joanna Briggs Institute Model, and also offers a recommendation on the best EBP that should be used.

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Differences Between the Two Models

The ACE Star Model in nursing is a structure of systematic integration of the nursing evidence into practice. The model features five principal stages namely discovery of knowledge, summary of evidence, recommendations of translation into practice, integration of evidence into practice and ultimately the evaluation of the available evidence. On the other hand, the Joanna Briggs Institute Model is an evidence-based practice methodology that considers the aspects of feasibility, effectiveness, meaningfulness as well as appropriateness when making clinical decisions on the healthcare practices. The process of the JBI model includes four components namely the generation of healthcare evidence, synthesis of evidence, transfer of knowledge and evidence and ultimately utilization of evidence (Pearson, Jordan & Munn, 2012).

The Best EBP That Should Be Recommended

In a clinical setting, the best EBP that should be recommended for the decision making process should be the ACE Star Model. This is because it offers a simple but also comprehensive methodology of translating the available evidence into practice. Instead of engaging clinicians in volumes of research reports, the approach seeks to determine a way through which they can access a summary of all what is known about a given topic. This means that urgent care decisions can be supported by substantial evidence-based recommendations built on the available clinical practice guidelines from the available research.

The Steps That Should Be Followed in Implementing the ACE Star Model in the Work Setting

There are three primary steps that should be followed when implementing the EBP model in a work setting. The first step is the creation of knowledge and distillation (Ford et al., 2011). This entails packaging the available evidence into products, which can then be put in action. The second step should be diffusion and dissemination. This entails combining efforts with professional opinion leaders as well as health care institutions, in an effort to disseminate information and prepared it as a basis for action. The last step is the adoption of the EBP as well as its institutionalizations. This entails employment of the gathered research into practice.

Outcomes to Determine the Effectiveness of the EBP

There are various observations that can be taken to be clear indications of the effectiveness of the EBP. Such include the general improvement of the patients health after visiting the medical facility. The quality of health care services delivery among the clinicians to the patients will also have improved. The handling of patients within the clinical setting will also have improved, in addition to the positive responses issued by the patients about the health care services attained from the medical facilities clinicians.

Explanation on How the Health Care Organization Develops Protocols, Care Maps and Care Plans

The organization implement protocols through the standardization of health care services it avails to all patients and also through the eradication all variations in the medical practice within the organization. In the organization, care maps and care plans act as tools for implementing managed care meant for handling patients. The organization implements them through a patient care guide, which is issued to all the clinicians functioning in the urgent care departments.

Improving the Process Using an EBP Model to Guide the Development

The ACE Star Model can be employed as a guide to the development of various functions within the organization. This will be achieved by following the five key steps of its implementation in the clinical facility setting. The changes in functioning brought about by its implementation can be relayed to the staff members by educating them on its advantages to the organizations. After its assimilation, it will yield substantial functional development to the organization such as the ease in decision making and improved patient services delivery.


In summary, there is a variation between the ACE Star and Joanna Briggs Institute EBP models. This can be manifested through the steps taken in their implementation. The former model is enacted via the process of discovery of knowledge, a summary of evidence, recommendations of translation into practice, integration of evidence into practice and ultimately the evaluation of the available evidence. Nevertheless, the JBI model follows the process of the generation of healthcare evidence, synthesis of evidence, transfer of knowledge and evidence and ultimately utilization of evidence.


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