Perils Which Lead to Incoordination and Waste in Team-Based Health Care System

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According to, team-based health care is giving out health services to individual patients, families, and communities by more than one clinician or health provider who are working in collaboration with patients and caregivers. Team-based health care system is done to the extent required by patients to achieve a common goal across the health team to make collaborative high-quality health care. Despite the extensiveness of team-based health care, uptake of interproffesionalism is still lagging behind. This causes a hitch in the team-based health care system.

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Hands off.

Hands off basically means passing a ball to a teammate while playing. In a healthcare sense, hands-off means, passing of one patients information from one healthcare personnel to the next. Hands off is a necessary evil in todays medical care since health care is becoming more specialized and numerous health practitioners are responsible for giving care to a single patient. However, accurate communication of information about the patient can be ignored as the patient is transferred to the next caregiver. Ineffective handoffs are believed to cause insurmountable patient harm. A study discovered that communication breakdown is a major issue in 43 percent of incidences. Concerns have been raised that handoffs will continue being trouble since only 5 percent of medical schools teach health practitioners how to handoff patients correctly.

Near misses

Near misses means a close enough error which can cause damage. A near miss is an experience out of the ordinary but not necessarily an error. Theyre considered as medical mishaps. Near misses are team limitations that bare economic, legal and psychological impacts to the patient. Near miss presents an opportunity to identify and correct flaws that may jeopardize patients safety. A study has shown that proper reporting of incidences in time, contribute to patient safety. Barriers to reporting activity include additional workload to a clinician, anonymous reporting channels of communication among medical personnel.

How do communication and interdisciplinary collaboration prevent unwanted effects?

Due to the hierarchical and complex health care system, a lot of inherent limitation of performance is experienced. It is very consequential that clinicians have state of the art communication tactics which will allow people to air concerns. Structured communication techniques will ensure accuracy. Also, reduce significant variability in the circumstances. Clinicians are highly trained to handle patients, and they require a dynamic environment including communication basis for them to apply correct judgment. Adoption of improved communication channels is proving to be very effective.


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Mission: to enhance lives and preserve health by enabling comprehensive, fully integrated network of the highest quality and most affordable care, delivered with kindness, integrity, and respect.

Vision: Lead the evolution of health care to enable every member of the communities we serve to enjoy a better healthier life. Values: quality, compassion, respect, collaboration, and foresight.

The values of Rochester regional health are fully reflected in their mission and vision statements. The mission statements vividly state the organizations determination to quality service. The mission statements also state the issuing of care with kindness and respect; this is in agreement with their value of respect. The vision statement indicates the ambition of the organization to lead the evolution of health care. This a clear relation of their value of foresight.


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Benefits of professional mentorship

This form of mentorship can award a mentee with a unique benefit of detailed industry information and also the mentor's contacts which might prove had to get. As a mentee, you can also learn valuable business and life skills. Including best behaviors in doing business and various protocols to adhere to. An excellent mentor will also arrange experiences, which can provide first-hand insight to you. Also, the discussion with your instructor will expand your thoughts as you will gain a different opinion to yours. Working with a mentor also creates a sense of partnership which might be unavailable in workplace hence, reduce the feeling of isolation in your discipline. I would mentor other people seeking to get into my discipline by providing insight of the discipline. Providing insight has proven to be a game changer as it can improve the required performance as it can enhance skills of a newbie in the industry.


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