How Social Factors Contribute to Sense of Belonging within Groups

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Social factors are things that affect peoples lifestyles and ways of interaction. Some of the social factors include media, group members attitudes, relationships within groups and gender expectations (Sinokki, 2011). These factors create a sense of belonging in many ways. For example, the social media provides individuals with an opportunity to share their ideas and get reactions. Social factors provide help and advice to a depressed group member. If a member of a group experiences challenges, they may approach their friends or group mates for guidance and suggestions. Some people also like being in groups that cover their age brackets where they can converse freely without restriction. Social factors make people feel influenced and motivated.

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Issues occurring at the workplace in relation to social factors

Lisa gets a job due to the relationship between her father and a friend. Her long stay at the law firm opens up higher ranks since she has interacted with the firm staff for a longer period than the others enabling her to lead a team. She has the positive effect of being connected, included and accepted in the firm. Roy has developed a sense of belonging and is working hard to get promoted. He is motivated by the fact that he is a member of the firm thereby observing time and using innovative technology to ensure that he secures a higher position in the firm. Anne, on the other hand, seems to have a connection with some of the senior staff members. Her mode of working does not guarantee her stay in the firm, yet she comes and leaves at will. She does her work at plea yet no one questions. The team hence has a poor relationship. Each member has a different attitude towards their duties and will never complete group tasks successfully.

What specific people in the case study could do to make the workplace more effective and efficient?

The firm owner, Damien, has an obligation to promote workers on the basis of their experiences and value contributions and not oh the period of their stay. Damien is also required to recruit employees basing on their technicality and qualification and not merely friendship reasons. Lisa, being the team leader, is required to empower good relationships among her group members. She should encourage her members to work towards a common goal so as to achieve group works. Each group member needs to understand that their contributions are valid and should not hesitate in presenting their thoughts. Anna should learn her duty to the success of the firm and not only to view it as a job opportunity. Since Damien is leaving, he should seek assistance from a well-trained staff member other than Lisa, who is not well trained. Ensuring a controlled atmosphere will enable an effective workplace.

Roy should use his abilities for the general benefit of the law firm and not only for promotional purposes. Lisas team members have an obligation to respect each other and value their contributions. They should understand that they have a common requirement to serve the interests of the law firm. Lisas team need to have a shared emotional connection which includes their history of experiences. Lisa can give each of her group members an opportunity of contribution to make them feel influenced. Each staff member has a special importance to the success of the firm.


Sinokki, M. (2011). Social Factors at Work and the Health of Employees: Studies in Social Security and Health. Department of Public Health and Occupational Health. The University of Turku.

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