1. Boom Supersonic Airplane

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Despite the existence of supersonic flights for the past 50 years, the recent boom supersonic airplane represent a breakthrough in efficiency and speed in air travel. An example of supersonic boom plane is XB-1 prototype yet to be set for a flight later this year (Boom Supersonic, 2017). Upon the successful adoption of supersonic airplane, it will represent success in boom technology. Therefore, supersonic boom aircraft is a representation of a breakthrough in the discovery of ultra-fast airplane with advanced and sustainable composite components, state-of-the-art engine machinery, and efficient aerodynamic design. The supersonic boom airliner is expected to give rise to affordable and efficient business-class in the contemporary subsonic airliners. The characteristics of XB-1 prototype include advanced super-cruise aerodynamic propulsion engine that provide supersonic speed.

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2. Hyperloop Transportation

Hyperloop transportation is the modern proposed freight and passenger mode high-speed traffic. The style of the cruise for Hyperloop devices is the propelling like a near-vacuum tube-like vehicle with a speed that exceeds that of an airline. SpaceX website has a published alpha version of Hyperloop transportation device with the characteristics, functioning, and systems design (SpaceX, 2017). The Linear electric motor is the basis of working principle of Hyperloop in that the resultant pods will accelerate from zero speed to cruising speed in a gradual manner. Furthermore, the ability of the Hyperloop pod to slide in its track apply the principles of the air bearing and magnetic levitation. Hyperloop transportation will eliminate the perils associated with grade crossings by using columns to move above the ground or use underground tunnels (SpaceX, 2017). Technology for enhancing human lives, Hyperloop transport system is anticipated to useful characteristics such as autonomy, lack of cruising noise and high energy-efficiency.

3. SolePower

SolePower is a transducer device in the form of a show insole that generate power as one walks. The power from the device is enough to charge portable electronics such as GPS devices, music players and smartphones. The working principle is such that SolePower converts mechanical energy from walking into usable power. When the users of smart shoes swings their legs and step down as they walk, there is a formation of mechanical energy and the SolePower insole transduce the energy into electrical power and store it. The prototype SolePower shows that 2.5-mile walk has the potential of generating sufficient power to charge a smartphone (SolePower Tech, 2017). As a wearable technology expected to improve people's lives, its self-charging technology leads to enhanced, efficient and safe communication.

4. Ossia and WiTricity Wireless Charging

Wireless charging entails the application of electromagnetic fields in a secure transmission of power from a source transmitter to a different device receiving it. The working principle of wireless chargers is Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) or magnetic resonance (Ossia, 2017). Ossia and WiTricity are the pioneer companies for the concept of wireless charging. The difference between the two organizations is that Ossia wireless charging applies radio frequencies in powering various devices while WiTricity wireless charging applies magnetic-based to power personal computers (Witricity, 2017). As a strategy for enhancing human life, wireless charging offer a reliable, safe, cheap, efficient, and convenient way of charging multiple devices.

5. Cellular Dynamism and Organovo 3D Printing

Cellular Dynamism is a large-scale industrial process of producing human cells in a controlled environment where consistency and quality are ensured. It also a type of regenerative medicine as it entails reprogramming diseased cells for the purpose of repairing them (Cellular Dynamics International, 2016). On the other hand, Organovo 3D printing involves an automated and high-precision tissues bioprinting instrumentation. It applies a combination of geometry and tissues control to ensure a fabrication of multiple cultureware. It also requires the conditioning and maintenance of 3D tissues (Organovo, 2017).

6. Metabolomx

Metabolomx is a digital device that has the capacity of mimicking the olfactory sense of a dog to analyze the breath of humans in similar ways that CAT scans and biopsies diagnose human breath. The diagnostic procedure entails the analysis the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are present in human breath. VOCs in breath are aerosolized particles which define the smell of things. The recent application of metabolomx diagnosis is the detection of cancer through the human breath. Since cancer produce specific VOCs, they form part of the bloodstream (Vancee, 2012). Human lungs form a conduit between airways and blood such that when one breathe, the breath will contain signatures of VOCs if the tumor is present.

7. Making Robots Great Again

According to Manjoo (2017), one of the reasons President Trump became president was his pledge of returning jobs lost to China due to globalization back to America. The implication of Trump's need for job creation through industrialization is that the nation has to invest in industrial robots. Industrial robots do a wide variety of employment opportunities ranging from heavy plant factory jobs, building cars. They also perform tasks that require precision such as controlled arms and those that pack delicate pastries. However, the robots that should change the industrial face of America will be imported from China. The article suggest that for the US robot manufacturing sector to begin and remain competitive, the factories must employ US laborers (Manjoo, 2017). Furthermore, the government need to increase funds for robotic investment to aid in ramping up the automation. The article attest that the US has intellectual and technological capability. The US government has the critical role of averting obstacles such as increasing the number of employees at the same time use employees in performing most tasks. The article challenges President Trump to adopt far-out concepts of robotic technology and convert them into structural advantages to enhance the US economy.

8. Technology and Healthcare Spending

Research shows that here is a general rise in the life spans among Americans with a current median age of 37.7 expected to increase to 40 by 2040 (Frakt, 2017). The responsible for the rising lifespan is increased spending in health care spurred by technology. There is a constant improvement of healthcare technology every year which despite its contribution in bettering lives and expanding longevity of individuals, it comes with a higher cost. Studies reveal that technological changes in health care are responsible for a rise of between 33%-66% of the upsurge in healthcare spending. Life longevity according to economists and analysts increases expenditures in healthcare suggesting that most Americans in their old age are predisposed to chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart diseases. Additionally, living with disabilities and poor health at old age increase care spending. However, life longevity is not the primary contributor of skyrocketing healthcare spending. Technology is the key contributor of hospital care spending because advanced treatment methods for chronic diseases which are on the rise in the contemporary society are costly.

9. Capitalism and Communism

The author's main point is that both capitalism and communism are flawed systems. Communism in its ideal form agitated for equal wages among the laborers and their bosses. What shattered the realization of the ideal form of communists are factors such as political monopoly in most industries, lack of perfect competition and incentives for rewarding hard work. Flaws similarly ridicule the concept of capitalism. Ideally, perfect competition is the backbone of capitalism according to Karl Max (Patinkin, 2010). However, competition as the kernel of contemporary society only offers discriminate rewards. For instance, those with good decisions and individuals such as sportsmen and celebrities earn more than the learned people like justices of supreme courts. Communism is responsible for undervaluing the best players.

10. Idarraga's Inspirational Life Story

Idarraga's journey from a drug, crime addiction and prison life shows an inspirational passage for the realization of his dream. The primary theme in the article is the setting and realization of life goals. It is true for Idarraga for asset that the only way to realize the goals in life is through disciplined, consistent, purposeful and small steps. Idarraga equates the steps towards achieving the goals of obtaining education through reading books which begin with reading the head page and other subsequent pages consistently. It is apparent from Idarraga's story that the realization of the goals is dependent on successful fusion and connection between personal action plan and dreams of life aspirations (Laylor, 2010). Furthermore, having the power of defining one's vision similarly means possessing the capacity of representing one's life. The key determinant of success is bridging the gap between the idea itself and the actual realization of the dream. It is thus recommendable that individuals should make appropriate choices in life and purposeful utilization of time.

11. Social Contract Theory

Social contract theory has the basis of the belief that the existence of any society depends on the agreement between the state and its individuals. In that way, the state exists has the fundamental role of serving its people according to their will. The implication of the social contract model is that since sovereignty lies with the citizens, it is the sole function of any government to guarantee protection of the properties, lives, liberty and rights of its citizens. Furthermore, it is the obligation of people to agitate for revolution in the case where their government fail to uphold the moral and legal responsibility by abusing its power (Rummel, 2013). Lastly, since the people's consent constitute the government's authority, any government has to abide by the provision of the social contract theory.

12. Karl Marx's Quote

In my opinion, Karl Marx quote "The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people" has the implication that excess production of things is both harmful and dangerous. I will take an example of the current technological advancement such as the adoption of industrial robots, which, despite its advantages such as simplification of labor, it has a tantamount effect on employment.

13. Albert Einstein's Quote

The quote "The human spirit must prevail over technology" means that technology is merely a means of getting tow ends meet but the mind and human spirit is the fundamental driver of technology. It is necessary to have a mind and spirit that can envisage desirable ends and use technology as a bridge of making ends meet.


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