Wine in a Global Market

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The quality of food and beverage services at the Chefs House is of high standards and quality. For instance, my order goes for:

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Wine: Red wine, 2012 Cabernet Merlot, Cave Spring Cellars, Niagara

Source: (Kolpan, Smith & Weiss, 2014).

When it comes to its location, the wine company is located in Canada. Due to its quality winery production, it has become one of the outstanding wine production firms in Canada and it is well-known name is Cave Spring Niagara Peninsula This red wine of predominately Cabernet Franc and Merlot starts from the one of a kind, limestone-rich dirt soils found along the delicately slanting bench lands of the Niagara Escarpment. Barrel-matured for 15 months, it holds the unmistakable mint-berry character typical of these assortments in the particular region of the Niagara Peninsula. The price at the Chefs House goes for GL $5 BT $25. Every wine has different testing characteristics (Boxenbaum, Lounsbury & ABC Network Conference, 2013). The white wine is different from the red wine testing. For instance, below is the testing sheet for the red wine, 2012 Cabernet Merlot wine.


Clarity- Clean

Intensity- Dark

Color- Red-brown



Intensity- Medium

Aromas- Fruity


Acidity- Medium

Sugar- Medium-sweet

Tannin- Medium

Alcohol content- Balanced

Flavor- Fruity

Mouth feel- Smooth

For the Chefs House to help themselves serve the wine and to capture the attention of the customers or clients purchasing or ordering the product, I would like to choose for them a slogan Cabernet Merlot, Enjoy while it lasts. Why use enjoy while it last? Technically, the wine is so sweet to the extent that the client would not like to finish his/hers.

In order to improve the wine quality, the company or the chefs house should implement the use of Premium Wine Card. The card has an inserted set of exact frequencies that deliver a durable common reverberation. The reverberation can be exchanged to wine through the wine glass. The reverberation of the Premium Wine Card positively affects the tannins in the wine, making them immediately mollify as though the wine had been further matured for various years. You might see that the wine treated with the card has a fruitier fragrance and a smoother, wealthier flavor with the mellower, gentler completion that is run of the mill of a premium cellared wine.

There are a couple of components that make red wine and food pairings work, and they're gotten from attributes of the nourishment and how they blend with those of the wine. These are fat, acidity, salt, sweetness, sharpness and surface. Unlike any alcoholic drink, Cabernet Merlot wine has its prescribed meal which goes hand in hand with it. Under several circumstances, you will hear nutritionists arguing and administering the right meal which suits a given drink. In this case, the meal ordered was Sweet & Sour Chicken, Fried Jasmine Rice with Egg, Peas, Corn & Green Onions. The chosen mean and the wine are compatible in that; there will be no side effects once they mix in the stomach (Wine enthusiast, 1993). The reason lies behind the fact that the meal ordered contains chicken served with rice. Health wise, the chicken false under the white meat category and the red wine in question has balanced level of alcohol content. Therefore, since the chicken has got no much fat content, the balanced alcohol content seen on the testing sheet will assist in digesting the white meat. Unlike the red meat, the white meat takes less days for it to be digested completely.


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