Why is Writing so Important?

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Writing has been a fundamental part of communication ever time immemorial. As a communicator, it is important that your writing and speaking skills must be perfect in order for you to communicate in a manner that meaning will be passed without misinterpretation. Writing for a fact has been the primary base for communication for centuries, civilization composed during that era included poems, music through writing skills. Record keeping has been conducted through and through since the Mesopotamian ages in via Cuneiform while the Egyptians used Hieroglyphics in record keeping and counting of days. Writing has been a fundamental part of record keeping, art, and communication for centuries now and again.

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Putting things into perspective, why is writing so important and why should an individual have perfect writing and oratory skills? The fact of life is that we encounter different forms of writing every day in our lives, and we are required to produce information and pass on reports through different forms of writing; this could be in an office, at the restaurant, airport or even a love letter and work emails. Writing is inescapable in the 21st century. Writing can be described as malleable of pliable as you can use the art to give it information, an opinion or even a question, and it can be used to pass on any kind of data as long as the recipient is able to understand the content written upon the piece of paper or email for that matter.

Writing can be an uphill task for most people out there; the reason could be that many people do not understand the essence of a great write up. Writing involves the use of correct tenses, the word structure must be perfect, the grammar has to articulate, spelling errors should be avoided like vermin, and one should consider the type of writing. It is important that one considers the form of writing that he/she has been requested to work on, it is imperative that an individual understands the different writing genres have different notations and methodologies. Without a clear and concise understanding of the mechanism by which writing schemes are developed then it can be an uphill task for an individual to communicate out perfectly.

Writing of Vamp Peace can be considered to be a difficult write up due to the compelling issues that are addressed in the story. It is difficult at times to get the words that would express what exactly an individual feels inside them. To use words to express the reality can be a difficult task without the mastery of the art of writing. Writers often understand how they feel of the feelings of their characters in a story, expressing this deeper inner sense or emotion requires deeper levels of empathy and an understanding of literary words that could help one bring out the emotion in writing. Vamp peace was a difficult write up due to the grammar structure that has to be adhered to, adherence to grammar in a sentence is the overall outlook of the story. Grammar also goes hand in hand with spelling; it is important that the spelling of words should be perfect in order to avoid passing out a different meaning than the intended or else the story would flow in a direction not expected by the writer. A great story has to have a great flow of ideas; the sentence structures have to be grammatically correct, and the spelling of words have to be perfect to avoid being ambiguous in your story.

Time writing essays can be difficult and easy at the same time, in most cases it depends on with how familiar an individual is with the essay requirements. Time essays can prove to be relatively easy in the case that one understands the topic requested easily. Clarity of information and the conception of the essay requirements, time writing essays can be very easy for an individual. On the other hand, taking a scenario where an individual first has no conception of the topic requested for the write up, the format in which the write up has to take and the sentence structures of such write-up, it can be an excruciating task for an individual to be involved in such a time writing essay. In such a context, it can be concluded that a time writing an essay can be the worst moment an individual may have to go through.

Argumentative essays as they sound could be termed argumentatively to be hard or easy by some. In argumentative essays, one has to be able to give the key personal opinion of one end of the argument explaining the reasons as to why they would support a given line of thought and reject another. It is critical that in argumentative essays one has to be able to distinguish the opinions and be able to express either side articulately with proper diction to avoid being ambiguous and having points that have no clear distinction. It is, therefore, imperative to have a clear understanding of the two sides of the essay in an argumentative essay. Such a task can be easy for an individual who is able to look at both sides of the issue and state them out clearly, it can be excruciating for a myopic select who are not able to have an eagle view of both sides of the matter.

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