Why I Want To Become an Officer

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Why I Want To Become an Officer

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I have always dreamt of becoming an officer based on the childish excitements I got from watching action packed movies. However; while I was growing up, I got exposed to the harsh reality of insecurities around my neighborhood and the society in general. These circumstances made me stick strongly to my childhood dream but this time for a different purpose. This was the purpose of serving the community and ensuring that the cases of insecurities and crime rates are minimized.

Working with NYPD as an officer is a great challenge but also a rewarding career, (Garcia, 2012). Having graduated with a bachelors degree in Telecommunication is an added advantage as I will be in a better position to streamline and improve the communication mechanisms within the NYPD. I will also get a chance to put my acquired skills to maximum utilization and yield the desired benefits to the community. Having worked as a security personnel for more than eight years in a reputable health institution has been of great significance to me as I gained adequate experience to deal with various challenges. I have also worked in community service projects that aimed to improve people's lives by maximizing security mechanisms and fighting crime in the society. I once experienced a panic attack while studying for my exams but after seeing Doctor Beliz, I have the attack has never re-occurred.

I have never been on the wrong side of the law thus making me a law abiding citizen and fit to work as a protector of the law. I have grown fond of the crime victims hence I am willing to go an extra mile to ensure that no more people fall victims to criminal. The only way I can fulfill this desire is when I get a chance to work with the security forces and combat this menace that is slowly eating into the safety of my people. For instance; during my eight years experience as a healthcare security personnel, I have handled numerous cases of patients who had been shot by criminals and required urgent medical attention. Many victims succumbed to the gunshot wounds as their family members watched with great sadness and disbelief as there was nothing more they could have done to save their loved ones. Such cases have touched me deeply in the heart, and I cannot sit back and watch more people experience the dark ordeals. Crowds of people have raised serious complaints about the security situation in the community, and there is a need to act urgently before the situation escalates and gets out of control. This can only be possible if the security agencies such as the reputable NYPD recruit fresh minds such as mine into the agencies to generate new ideas to curb the escalating situation.

Getting a chance to join the NYPD will be a perfect opportunity for me to showcase my competency in undertaking security operations to improve community life. I will generate compelling ideas to help deal with the ever-increasing crime rates in society. For instance, I will begin anti-crime campaigns to sensitize criminals and potential criminals against engaging in risky and unlawful activities thus fighting crime in a more appropriate way. I am also a fast learner thus I will be able to adapt to changes that aim to improve security operations. I have a great determination to serve the community and be part of positive transformations in society. I have a burning desire to transform the negative situation into a positive one and leave a legacy in the security docket.



Garcia, A. C. (2012). NYPDblues: Intersections of social and institutional contexts in the careers of emergency service police officers. Symbolic Interaction, 35(4), 497500. doi:10.1002/symb.28

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