What Qualities Do I Need to Become a Nurse

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My goal is ensuring that I carry out my practice in an orderly and highly efficient manner to ensure that I manage to get my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Getting this is not an easy task and will require the integration of many different characteristics and also will require me to associate with many people. The field of nursing is one of the most reputable fields in the environment and this is because healthcare is integral to the survival of the human generation. In order to succeed in this field, it is very essential that I bear quality communication characteristics with people across different age groups and varying backgrounds. Going through some of the major aspects to uphold in my career is critical to understanding my field and the requirements even further. The fact that I live in Texas gives me a better opportunity to develop my career in the shortest time and this is because of all the amenities present in the state.

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As a single mother of two teenagers, I have the pressure of dealing with my children, their daily issues while still trying to balance this with my school work and practice. Most of the times are when these teenagers get me angry for failing to follow basic guidelines that I offer them and this affects my work at some point. It is imperative to ensure that I manage my anger and not outburst for this can compromise my integrity. When dealing with my children, I always ensure that I maintain a calm front while still trying to correct their various mistakes. It is important that I ensure that I manage their behavior and understand the best way to deal with their problems. This is a positive factor that assists me in maintaining my composure even in the work environment and this is because there are times when I may get patients that are of the same age as my children and in case this happens in future, I will have had the required experience to determine the best way through which I can deal with them and thus improving my practice.

Another group of people that I ought to learn how to deal with are the elderly, as a nurse, I have the training of handling different issues that patients across different age groups have. Some of the patients that are the most difficult to deal with are the elderly and the reason for this is because they normally forget their prescription and it is my sworn duty to ensure that these patients take their medication accordingly. Initially, it was very tough dealing with the elderly but through constant training and personal development; I have got to understand the virtue of patience where I get to repeat the procedures with these elderly people by appreciating their role in our growth and general development. Moreover, I have got to love working with the elderly for they assist one in understanding more about the contemporary life we have and consequently managing to deal with some of the problems that the environment has. From having this personal relationship with the elderly, it is my goal to ensure that I learn more from them as I progress in my career and through having their trust, I will manage to gain a better reputation and eventually lead to my success as a nurse.

Experience is a point that every practitioner ought to employ in life. The reason experience is important is the fact that regardless of the nature of the experience, either positive or negative, there is the impact of learning. Over the years, I have got the privilege of working alongside some of the most experienced nurses of our generation and through observations, I have got to appreciate the fact that they deal with their patients in an orderly and respectful manner. I have also got to know these nurses on a personal level and despite the fact that they may have some problems at home, they always manage to keep these feelings away from the work environment and handle their patients in the most professional manner possible.

In my practice, I have also got to learn from the mistakes of other nurses that had the job before me and I have got to understand the fact that bringing these problems to the work environment has the impact of losing concentration and this can lead to misdiagnosis and the general failure of the nurse. Through these experiences, I have got to appreciate and respect the work environment and consequently have my full attention to the work. I always ensure that I dedicate all my attention to the patient that I have and this is a factor that has the patient appreciating my services and through this and continuation of the trait, there is the assurance that I will go further in the nursing environment and have my career advancement on track just as I wish.

Character traits are other integral aspects to state when reviewing my goals in this nursing career. One of the most important character traits to bear with regard to this career is that of patience. As earlier identified, some patients do not have sufficient memory either because of old age or impairment and thus, it is very critical to ensure that the prescriptions are stated to these patients repeatedly. This is a tedious activity and requires patience to the point where these patients will fully grasp what is required of them. Having this character trait is bound to ensure that the patients appreciate my work and thus build my reputation much to the credibility of my career objectives.

Another character trait that I ought to bear in order to succeed in my career is that of clear communication skills. In my field, communication is crucial and this is because I ought to ensure that I understand all that the patients require ensuring that I make the right diagnosis. In my experience, I have got to work with some nurses that are not very friendly with their patients and this makes the patients develop some form of fear for the nurses and thus do not outline their entire problems. It is crucial for all the patients to feel free and communicate well with me as it will open doors for further development for me in the nursing environment.

The fact that patients will deal directly with me from my compassionate nature will ensure that I understand how to handle some of the cases that these patients have which will lead to further growth for me. It is also critical to ensure that the patients feel free to communicate with the hospital administration in case of misunderstandings where I will get to observe the actions taken by more experienced doctors and nurses which will act as a platform to learn more.

Emotional stability is another character trait that I ought to bear to ensure that I succeed in my career as a nurse. There are many cases that will come to the place of work where some of the patients will be of about the same age as my teenage kids. Such situations have the possibility of me feeling more attached to these children. However, I ought to ensure that I maintain an upright state of emotion to ensure that this does not affect my ability to solve the problem brought to me. Following all these guidelines and learning from past experiences is bound to have me succeed in my career.

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