What Knowledge and Skills I Gained While Working on the Project?

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Engaging in the course project taught me many useful marketing skills added value to my existing personality. One of the most crucial things that I learned is the value of being persistent, patient and eager to help. While practically dealing with the audience, sometimes it becomes difficult to handle them. I learned that the audiences have a varying level of understanding and to some extent; one has to repeat something for more than two times trying to explain the same thing. I learned that marketing requires a lot of patience and persistent. It was through this course that I learned these crucial qualities.

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In this course, I enjoyed most the aspect of the questioning. I was able to come up with many questions as I was doing it due to passion. The course developed an aspect in me as I love challenges. The course exploited my potential, and it gave me an excellent opportunity to express myself and to show my capabilities. During the questioning session, I was able to raise most of the required interview questions and surprisingly, almost all of them were adopted for use during the project. It also gave me the confidence to question as I was able to engage the panel with some questions. The course was relevant in my journey towards developing my career, and I learned a lot.

One of the greatest achievements that I made during this course project was convincing the audience about the gift cards and the required donations. I did the event so well with a lot of professionalism that I managed to hold the attention of most of the members of the audience. In fact, most of the audience gave their donations; some came after us asking to get more information about our group while others came with their donations during the class meetings. I feel I deserve an overall performance of an A in this course.

During the course project, however, I received complaints that I did not follow Cates instructions. I acknowledge this as my weakness, and I appreciate the fact that the course was able to identify my weakness and bring it out. I am working towards improving this weakness so that I can become an effective marketer in the future. I have already come up with an idea of how I will improve on following the instructions strictly. If need be, I will be jotting down all the directions that I am given so that I may not forget some steps in future and include my ideas that may lead to unwanted or under targeted results.

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