A Scary Story

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A gothic picture of a massive grey castle with a sunset on the background spread in front of Sara. She came up to the strange building and tried to open the door. A big and heavy oak door was unlocked. A teenage girl entered a dull castle feeling an odd interest.

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Sara found herself in a dark little room. In a dim red light of a setting sun from elongate and narrow gothic windows, she saw a candlestick on a low table. Three candles werent lit. A gray wall was decorated with a large tapestry. Everything was covered with dust.

Clang! A massive door slammed behind her back with a clattering noise, like the clacking of a big dogs tooth. The girl winced. She turned, made a quick step to the door and started pulling it, and then beat on it. Sara tried to open rusty metal locking bolts. But she didnt manage to shift them, even on a centimeter. Everything seemed her strange. The place seemed soaked with a dark magic. She wanted to go out of her stony prison as soon as possible. Sara saw a doorway and made a step into the darkness. She wanted to find another way out from this ominous desolate building.

The next room seemed Sara a revive picture from an old story book. A big hall was flooded with a dim red light. As being paralyzed, a girl was standing and gazing at a mysterious dance of dust particles in a reddish sun rays falling from the dark but beautiful windows. Having come to consciousness, the girl looked around. A huge right-angled table made from a dark wood was standing in a center of the room surround by the big wooden chairs matching the table.

Sara passed by the table going to the opposite corner of the room where she found an enormous marble fireplace. She came up and saw a heap of cinder in a fireplace. In spite of the fact that everything was covered by the thick dust layer, somebody lived here or had left this place a few days ago. In support of this idea, the girl heard heavy, fast steps somewhere in depth of the castle. Boom! Boom! Boom! Heavy steps were approaching to her. Something inauspiciously glittered on a light marble of the fireplace like the eyes of a literary monster. Heavy dark-blue velvet curtains closed the windows immersing a hall into the darkness. Having found herself in complete darkness, the girl was frightened. Trying to make less noise, she opened a little door on one side of the fireplace and quickly stepped into the room.

It was a cabinet full of bookcases. There was a wooden desk near the window. The girl climbed on the desk and tried to open the window. It was locked. The massive iron bars on the window blocked her way to the yard. She jumped off from the writing-table and rushed away. She was running and running through the dark corridors, hearing the dangerous steps closer and closer.

Having run into a little empty room, she understood that she got lost in a stone labyrinth of an ancient castle. She was in a lockup. Trembling from a fear and looking at the dusty stone wall, she was listening to the steps of an unknown creature. The steps were heard nearer and nearer. Suddenly, the candles on a tall floor candlestick lightened with a heavy stifling smell. Then, she saw a huge, tall and dangerous shadow on a stone wall. An evil creature came up to her skinny back.

The girl was standing like being parallelized. Her heart was beating faster and faster. Being unable to move she started to yell.

Sara awoke from her own screams, scared by an odd nightmare. It was a light Sunday morning, but she couldnt forget an unusual dream, frightful but beautiful and mysterious. So, she took a sketch-book and pencils and started drawing a dark-grey castle with a background of a red sunset.

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