What Is the Authentic Religious Content?

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The Bible says that human beings should not dwell on their own understanding but seek intervention for revelation on the Scripture. The authentic religious content is deduced from the Bible. After all Christians from the South and their counterparts from the Western use the same Bible, so why the differences? On one end, the two-thirds are conservative and hold on to the traditional beliefs without putting into consideration advancement in science and technology and modernization. On the other end, the Christians from the Western regions have deviated from the teachings of the Bible due to modernization and civilization. The question is who is right? Christians should entrust their hearts with the Lord and rely on Him for understanding .In so doing they are able to follow the Bibles teachings without deviation from the truth.

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Cultural baggage refers to the inclination for one to be biased against another person that is caused by ones beliefs, practices, traditions, sentiments, and other traits. It affects the judgment of a person when they meet people from different background in the wider world. One has presumption and stereotype mindset that hinders and limits inter- cultural interaction.

In conclusion, I believe the Christians from the South have genuine religious content as they have not deviated in accordance to advancement in time, but have stuck to the old teachings and principles of the Bible. The Christians from the South though should embrace some forms of modernization, such as gender equality. Women should not be limited or considered the lesser gender, but instead should be empowered for the development of the society. The Christians from the Western region should find a central place as well to avoid deviating and supporting matters that are in contrary from the teachings of the Bible. After all, the missionaries from the west region brought Christianity to the global south and taught them from the same Bible they all use.


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