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I am at this moment writing this appeal because of the dismissal from the University for the Mistake that I fully understand. I am not surprised that I am suspended from the university because of the social problems that had adversely affected my learning program. It is my wish to be officially allowed to continue with my studies and endeavor to put more effort in my education as from May 2016. The problems that I have undergone have already hardened me, and now I can handle diverse situations with flexibility instead of disrupting my studies.

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I have taken full responsibility for the circumstances that led to my current academic situation. I had undergone a lot of tribulations and trials that adversely affected my performance in the university. I have never experienced a state of uncertainties in my life, and that contributed to my failure to handle some situations, which I now consider posting a little manageable challenge to my education and social life. I am now sure that I can manage these situations in a case similar ones occur, enabling me to perform as per my expectations and meet the minimum mark, considered to be substantial GPA.

My life in the university has been tough for me, but I have now realized what I can do to prevent my social problems from affecting my studies. I am not ready to make a lot of excuses as to why I failed, but there are always internal challenges that can affect one's performance. During the semester in which I performed poorly, I had some emotional patches that adversely affected my performance. I was always scared and lonely as I had never been in stressful situations. As a result, it became for me to have the motivation to study and prepare enough for my examinations.

I have devised a strategy that can enable me to complete some of the first year classes as I endeavor to increase my GPA with a target of attaining the grade of my dream at the end of my academic program in the university. However, my educational goal can only be achieved if the management considers this application and grants me the chance to continue with my studies. At the moment, I consider myself a better person, an individual who can handle my education with care and observe the expectations from the administration regarding performance and behavior. Previously I had to drop one of my classes because I was not good at it and I was not well prepared to do all the examinations because of time considerations.

Mr. Theeben, the Academic Advisor, has been helpful to me, and I credit him for the advice he gave me, enabling me to sit for the examinations that I was fully prepared for. The primary factor that led to my academic problems is the social issues with my family that forced me to take a considerable amount of time in the bid to assist both mentally and physically. Eventually, the time left for me to study was too little, and since examinations require extensive study, I failed to attain the minimum mark in some of the units, and I had already dropped some. I was overwhelmed with the situation, and I blame myself because I failed to discuss these issues with my professors in time. Eventually, I have now come to understand that they are of great help when it comes to such issues because they have extensive knowledge and ideas on how to tackle social life issues and not academic alone.

In the summer and spring of 2015, I only managed to take three courses to enable me to be the second year student and ensure that I have increased my overall GPA. As a result, I have to take more time in my studies to cover some of the units skipped while in my first year. I have a proven strategy on how to handle the current situation and I am planning to look for the assistance from some of my professors on the way forward. I now understand that keeping quiet by not expressing my feelings and the problems that can affect my studies is a weakness that should be avoided instantly. Some of these units that I am planning to do include Introduction to Programming and Calculus II.

I am not satisfied with the way I handled my social life as it affected my studies. I had little time for class work and did not even understand that I was affecting my performance. I tried to fix the problem at the last minute but because of my naivety by then, I could not manage. Since then, I have overcome the issues and by having a look back at them, I realize that what I was doing could not be a solution to my troubles but a step towards ruining my educational dream. Even if the ultimate performance was not a surprise to me, I was disappointed because I knew that I could do better. My current performance does not reflect my potential. However, because the only way to convince the university administration that I am better that what I scored in the examinations is by doing better in my examinations, I promise to achieve that by scoring a good grade. That is why I have written this appeal letter as a formal request to granted a chance to prove my worth as an intelligent and obedient student.

As a student who understands the importance of education, I have an inner drive for educational success irrespective of the conditions that I may encounter. I have realized that I am the sole reason as to why failed in my classes and I have to correct the mess. My desire is to pass the next exams to have excellent grades. I promise to prepare in time for all my exams to enable me figure out all points of weaknesses and devise appropriate strategies to overcome them before time runs out on me. My target is to complete all my courses to enable me to be on par with my course mates. Additionally, I am planning to sit for the failed courses and by the end of my second-year studies; I will have managed to make a better GPA as per my educational aspirations. Granting me the opportunity does not only mean that I will work hard to correct my educational mistakes but also make me a better person who can offer some advice to my fellow students who may have some social problems to that they can balance their domestic issues and academics. Failure to complete all the courses on time is disadvantages to the student and even to the management as it violates the universitys guidelines.

The first year was difficult for me. I made a lot of mistakes, but I have learned from them. I now have the experience and the reason as to why I should put forward my best foot. If I am given the chance to resume studies in the next semester, there will be significant differences between my previous grades and the ones that I will receive at the end of the semester. I have devised appropriate plans that can drive me to my academic success. Additionally, I have plans for taking a major that I fully understand and have passion about, retake all classes that I scored poorly and visited my professors for educational advice during their working hours. Furthermore, I will make regular visits to the student tutoring program and make sure that I talk to someone or receive counseling in case I face a challenging situation. I love the university, and it means a lot to me, and it remains to be my wish to come out with a degree from this institution. My family values education and I do not want to let them down by scoring a low GPA or even being unable to continue with my studies. Fortunately, my social problem had hardened me and had even come to an end.

If given the opportunity to pursue my studies, I will work extra hard and ensure that I have bettered my GPA. I will prioritize on repeating the failed courses and the ones that I am yet to do, both in the first year and those in the subsequent classes. Additionally, I will have to spare enough time for my studies and working on class assignments as a motivation to do better.

Please understand that I am not a bad student because I failed in my previous class. I am an excellent and academically passionate student who only had a disappointing situation that could not manage in time, thus affecting my performance. I hope that you will grant me a second chance to show my worth. Thank you for reviewing my situation.


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