Turkish Airlines Loyalty Programs

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Customers have the tendencies to favor one product over another even the products involved all serve a similar purpose. The satisfaction that the product or service provides accompanied with its convenience can make customers be endeared to a given product. The tendencies of the customers to endear themselves to a particular product are what constitutes a customer loyalty. In the airline industry, airline Companies, have used various approaches as their loyalty programs in order to woo and win the loyalty of their customers into endearing themselves towards their products and services. Most airlines have dedicated a vast amount their resources and efforts towards marketing strategies that will encourage and entice customers into continuing using their services and products. Located at General management with Ataturk Airport as its ground, Turkish airlines is the leading airline in Turkey. It has a wide customer base with America, Asia, Africa and Europe being one of its destination. It has over 200 flight destinations globally, which makes it be a popular airline not only in turkey but globally as well. In order to get hold of their customers, Turkish airlines has come up with various loyalty programs.

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Turkish airlines has installed various loyalty programs in its operations as a way of giving special services and products to its important customers. The airline is always trying to devise loyalty programs that aim at rewarding and protection loyal customers. The use of different classes when boarding Turkish airlines is one of the loyalty program installed by Turkish airlines. Apparently, there are three classes: Turkish airline business class, economy class and comfort class; with Turkish airlines business class considered to be the highest class. Customers with a business class tickets are given an opportunity to enjoy various enticing services. For instance, a customer with business class ticket member would not have to queue in long lines since they are accorded special treatments. The ticket also gives them a leeway to access VIP lounge entrances. In addition, the customers in possession of business class ticket membership have an access to services such as local as well as foreign newspapers and various available magazines during the flight.

As a way of appeasing the loyal customers with a business class ticket, customers are given champagne of high quality and fresh juice, which highlights the warm welcoming that the airline accords to its loyal customers. Once they have been welcomed, they are supplied with special menus together with entertainment of high quality. In addition, those customers with Turkish Airline business class ticket enjoy the cool serene of the spacious sleeping place. The Turkish Airline has used Business Class ticket membership as its loyalty program aiming at enticing its loyal customers. The Turkish airline also uses the baggage restrictions as its loyalty [program. Depending on whether the customers are domestically or flying outside Turkey. Through this loyalty program, the passengers are exempted from paying for their luggage when flying particular routes on particular specified weight limits. For instance, flights to and from U.S allows the free baggage allowance of 2 pieces that are not supposed to exceed a 32 kg each.

Turkish airlines utilizes online resources as one way of endearing themselves to their customers. It being a Star Alliance member, the Turkish airlines allow the members to apply for the rewards that are associated with the membership of the Star Alliance. For instance, customers who are members of Miles and Smiles frequent flyer program, have a liberty to apply for their membership rewards to the Adria airways, Aegan Airlines, Air china, THAI, TAM airlines or United Airlines. All these airlines belong to the Turkish airlines. The website for Turkish Airlines has the support site where customers are given an opportunity to register as the members for the Miles and Smiles. This makes them enjoy the rewards that come with the membership of the Miles and Smile.

Turkish Corporate Club is also another loyalty program that has been adopted by Turkish airlines. It is a travel program that prompts the passengers to save on their businesses traveling expenses. An extensive collection of the cost-effective approaches adopted by the Turkish airlines via this program allows the business customers to meet their needs in a fast and easy way without incurring huge traveling costs. The Turkish airline has established itself globally as the leading flight Company due to its compliance with quality and safety. Such achievements have since increased the competitive stake of Turkish airline in the industry making it be a reference point globally as far as flight operations are concerned. As flag carrier for Turkey, Turkish Airline has moved to the extent its operations, with the objective being to provide special services to its loyal and esteemed customers.

Apart from ensuring that corporate travelers enjoy easy and comfortable flights, there are also additional benefits that the Turkish airline provides to its customers with a corporate membership. Those with Turkish Corporate Club card stand to benefit from fare discounts as well as luggage allowances. The discounts are provided not only to international flights but also to domestic flights. The discount is given irrespective of the class boarded by the passenger. The only restriction put on the discount is the travel volume of a passenger. Once the passengers fulfill the specified minimum travel volume, they are given tickets that indicate they are liable to be awarded a discount. Another benefit that passengers with Turkish Corporate Club card enjoy is paying of penalties: Members do not pay for penalties according to penalty descriptions. For instance, when a member cancels or rebooks the flight; or even reroute a flight; he/she will not be penalized for the inconveniences caused. This is a recommendable move by Turkish airline since it depicts its flexibility which is essential to many companies using the airlines services.

Passengers who belong to Turkish Corporate Club also enjoy the luggage allowance, which is a service upgrade that is provided by the carrier. For instance, members are allowed to exceed their luggage limits by a specified amount of weight, during international flights. In addition, the passengers with Turkish Corporate Club card enjoy extra privileges as well as outstanding services which include access to business lounges that belong to Turkish airlines. They can also have a check-in even though they have boarded economy class ticket. The Turkish Corporate club and other loyalty programs adopted by Turkish airlines have contributed immensely towards the success of the company in the flight industry. This can be attributed to a large number of destination fights globally and numerous awards that have been given to Turkish airline as the best service delivery company in the flight industry, on the global stage.

Turkish Airline Social network from (Dec 1 -Dec 31 / 2015) (FB, twitter etc...)

Just like various corporations have utilized social media platform to interact with their customers, so is Turkish airline. The Turkish airline uses different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter to keep in touch with its global customers. Through these social media platforms, Turkish airlines has been able to communicate to its customers regarding its operations. For Instance, the Turkish airline manages various Facebook Pages that are meant to inform its customers of the companys proceedings, plans, and operations. Turkish Airlines is one of the Facebook page that is managed by the Turkish airlines. The page has over 7.7 million likes. This huge number of following on the Facebook highlights the popularity of the Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines Business Class lounge-Istanbul International airport is also another Facebook page, created by Turkish Airlines in order to interact with its customers via social media platform. The page is liked by over six thousand people. The page is specifically created for those customers who with Turkish airline business class ticket. The Turkish airline has three classes and Turkish airline business class is considered to be the highest and modest class.

In the period between December 1 and December 31st, 2015, Turkish airlines made ten posts on its Facebook page: Turkish Airlines. Amongst those ten posts, five posts are for the loyalty program. For instance on December 12th, 2015, The airlines Facebook page posted: Searching for something new? Turkish airline is here for you! This post attracted 5,143 likes and 75 comments. The appealing language used in the writing of the post is meant to attract and lure customers into endearing themselves to the Turkish airline.

Consider British Airways. This airline also interacts with its customers via Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn social media platforms. British Airways has a Facebook page with a total of over 2.2 million likes and 431 visits. Unlike The Turkish Airline that ten posts in the period between December 1 and December 31st, 2015, British Airways posted four posts on its Facebook page during the same period. However, all of the four posts are for loyalty program applied by the Company. For instance, on December 17th, 2015, the British Airways posted: Time flies when you're listening to a playlist. Do you know that you can plan your long-haul flight's entertainment online? Just enter the destination, select your entertainment of choice and watch your flight time fill up. Plan a little flight music here: http://ba.uk/g6TwMV. The post had a total of 141 likes, 58 comments, and 13 shares. The comparison of these two airlines on the basis of their social media activities puts Turkish popularity on the spot: the airline puts a lot of value towards the use of social media platforms to endear itself to its customers. This can be attributed its large number of likes on the Facebook as well as the higher number of posts made on its Facebook page as compared to other airlines (British Airline).

Business Partnerships involving Turkish Airlines

As a way of boosting its business operations, Turkish airlines has entered into a partnership with different brands. Star Alliance is one of the partners for the Turkish airlines. Founded in 1997, Star alliance a network that consists of various global airlines. These global airlines came together to come up with ways of boosting international traveling. The star Alliance enhanced the international traveling through the provision of the worldwide reach as well as outstanding services. The efforts of the star Alliance in the flight industry have since been a success as attested by a number of awards given to this alliance. Air transport World market leadership award, as well as Best airline Alliance, is among numerous awards that Star Alliance has been given. Adria Airways, Turkish Airlines, Croatia Airlines Brussels Airlines and EVA Air is among the member airlines that constitute Star Alliance.

The Turkish airlines has also partnered with other airlines as a way of upgrading its production. Some of the airlines that Turkish airlines has partnered with include: Croatia Airlines, Delta airline, Ethiopian Airline, Omar Air, Polish airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Luxair and Pakistan International airline, among others. Consider Azerbaijan Airlines partnership with Turkish airlines. The two airlines entered into a partnership on 29th march, 2015. The partnership was to enable the two airlines to come into agreement on how to share the routes between Azerbaijan and Turkey, according to the codeshare they had signed. The codeshare agreement was also beneficial to the cust...

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