Theses for Topics About Public Administration

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Topic One: Should child welfare regulations be changed?

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Reason for Selection

Constant innovation activities breed new programs and practices regarding child welfare. These are aimed at increasing its scope while taking the interests of the child into consideration. However, issues have emerged as these new practices are executed as mere additions to the already existing regulations, rather than efforts to change them. Discussing this topic will expand the understanding of whether these new changes should be implemented or incorporated to provide better child welfare services.


The audience captured in this topic include child welfare organization as well as the federal and state governments. The discussion will aid them to understand better their roles in formulating and implementing child welfare regulations. Therefore, new proposals that have an impact on the welfare of the children will undergo proper scrutiny by this audience before they are passed. This will provide the children with better and adequate opportunities for development.

Thesis Statement

This essay is an analysis of both the positive and negative impacts of policy changes regarding child welfare regulations and whether or not it is in a childs best interest to implement these policy changes.

Topic Two: Should DUI (driving under the influence) laws be changed?

Reason for Selection

Driving under the influence remains one of the major causes of road accidents in the United States. Despite the existence of a good number of laws against drunk driving, the number of DUI cases is still on the rise. For this reason, the effectiveness of these existing laws should be questioned. Although efforts to implement new and harsh laws are evident, it is essential to understand whether these new law proposals may abet in crafting more responsible citizens on the road.


The audience on this topic are the federal and state governments that are responsible for formulating these laws. Through this discussion, the audience may be able to gauge if the new laws will be more effective than the previous ones. Also, they may be able to determine other factors that lead to the high number of DUI cases despite the existence of harsh laws and devise a way forward. Given the powers bestowed on the audience, they will be able to make proper and informed implementations that yield positive results.

Thesis Statement

This essay is a discussion of the impacts of changing the DUI (driving under the influence) laws and my own opinion explaining whether or not the laws should be changed.


Topic One

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Topic Two

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