Theological Rocks in Ministerial Calendar

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Incorporating my three theological rocks into my ministerial calendar.

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Time Management- Proper time management is the approach I shall use to incorporate my three theological rocks into my ministerial calendar. I shall see time as a commodity, and any time I waste shall not be recovered. In essence, with excellent time management skills it would be easy to incorporate my three theological rocks into my ministerial calendar. Time management would come with a benefit like: Greater productivity and efficiency- I have to use my time properly to foster my discipleship (Croft, 1996). According to Ephesians 5.1-2, it says, Follow Gods example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God (MacDonald & Harrington, 2008). Therefore, I would stick my discipleship to this verse in order to achieve greater productivity and efficiency in my youth ministry. Indeed, in my youth ministry objective is to be productive and efficient in my discipleship, and thus I would spend my time carefully to achieve this objective.

Cooperation with friends with the same goal- Friends need to be involved directly in helping me achieve my three theological rocks. I would work together with them, because they are the people to give me motivation that would enable me observe my calendar strictly. Further, now there is team work, I believe it would be easy to achieve my ministerial goals.

Understanding academic calendar- Once I understand how my schedule for other activities like class attendance entail, it becomes easy to incorporate my theological rocks into my ministerial calendar. I know, I have to attend my classes and at the same time I have to grow spiritually. Therefore, understanding how my academic calendar would help determine the balance between my ministerial calendar and academic calendar. However, evangelism, which is one of my theological rocks has to progress even during busy academic calendar. I would use a brief I share with my schoolmates to evangelize to them.

Seeking youth leadership- I strongly believe that with I can influence people and make friends. I would use my youth leadership position to fulfill my theological rocks. I would also organize meetings which match with ministerial calendar plans. During these meetings, I would use them satisfactorily to evangelize to them. I have the strength to make the youth understand their role is prospering youth ministry.

Reading the bible and following religious events- With continuous reading of the bible, I would be motivated to continue doing youth ministry. You know, the word of God shall always remind me how important it is to serve God, and thus I would acquire inspiration that would enable me to incorporate my three theological rocks into my ministerial calendar.

All in all, it is my responsibility to nurture my spiritual life. With commitment to serving God, it would always be easy to incorporate my theological rocks into my ministerial calendar. Moreover, I would also hone my time management skills, which I believe shall enable me value every time I have, and spend it properly.


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