The Process of Changing Oil in a Car

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The first stage in changing the oil in a car is to drain the existing oil. To accomplish this first step, one requires oil filter wrench, latex gloves, drain pan and a drain plug. With the latex gloves put on, the drain pan is placed under the drain plug at an angle (Edmunds, 2016). Then, the oil filler cap is removed after which a common end wrench is used to remove the drain plug. During this process, it is important to remove the drain plug carefully to avoid getting along the path of the used oil. It is also significant to ensure that before starting the process, the engine of the car and its oil are not hot to avoid getting burnt.

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The second stage it to tighten the drain plug and to change the oil filter. It is important to have rags, replacement drain plug washer and oil filters in case the old ones need to be removed (Edmunds, 2016). While the oil is draining, it is important to perform the inspection and cleaning of the drain plug. At this stage, an old washer can be replaced. After that, it is important to tighten the drain plug properly using the end of a combination wrench. Prior to removing the old oil filters, one should reposition the drain pan and have rags ready as it is possible to have oil spilling off. The wrench is used to break the oil filter free after which the unscrewing the filter should be done by hand. Then, one should remove the gloves to have a good grasp of the new filter. Afterwards, the new filter should be spun gently until its O-ring gets into contact with the sealing surface. Eventually, the filter is hand-tightened, or a filter wrench may be used in case the hands are too oily.

The third and the final stage to add new oil and confirm its level. At this stage, one needs to have the new oil. First, it is crucial to confirm that the filter and the oil drain bolt are in place. Then, one should hold the oil bottle at the side to ensure the oil is poured smoothly. After the oil has been added the oil cap should be placed back and engine of the car started for thirty seconds to make sure that the new oil is circulating (Juchli, 2016). Finally, one should check the oil level to confirm that the new oil is up to the mark as recommended by the manufacturers manual of the car.

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The process of changing oil in a car involves draining the existing oil, tightening the drain plug and changing the oil filter and adding the new oil.

While changing the oil in a car, one ensure the engine and the oil are cool and should be careful to avoid getting along the path of the oil.

Adding the new oil

Tightening the drain plug and changing the oil filter

Draining the existing oil


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