The Management Elements

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One of the management elements is the current strategy. Kennedy was able to identify the current situation of the company in an aim to visualize the areas to work on it. However, she came out with vision and values that were designed to improve the employees morale in an intention to make them happy about their work. Another management element was the looking out for inconsistencies (Kerzner, 2013). . The company employees were very inconsistent about the outgoing leadership, and it can be seen that most of them had left the company. Kennedy used the strategies to identify what could have been the cause and from the results, many employees who had left started coming back.

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The first element of project management is the presence of people. No plan can work without people. The employees for this case are very important individuals who the business of California Sweet company cannot do without them. The CEO of the Company is a vital element that is responsible for shaping the business to future achievements. Another element of project management identified is strategic planning. This ideal issue involves planning and setting your goals to meet the visions and objectives of the company. Kennedy is a sagacious strategic planner where we find that she laid down the employees initiatives strategies that were meant to boost the morale of the employees. She also finds the need for the employees who had left the company, and she allowed them back to the enterprise (Langley, et al., 2013).


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