The Key Element of Any Organization

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The most important aspect to note in every organization is its workers. They are the core reason as per to why the organization is operating and is striving with an affirmative motive in achieving its goals and objectives. A worker is just an employee of the institution regardless of the position in which they are. All principles regarding control and management of an organization rotate within its employees. The question is if this is the case then what management is? In brief, it can be defined as the ability controlling, organizing and coordinating duties within an organization to realize the aims and objectives of the institution. The duties to perform here, are to be undertaken by the workers in a similar way they remain the determinant in achievements of an organization as far as goals and objectives are concerned. The fundamental point of the argument is the fact that, any poor performance should in one way or another be attached to the employees. In this way, there must be a certain element missing that in cases is involved may boost the worker's expectations and make them sacrifice their effort for the benefit of the organization and community as a whole. This paper, therefore, gives the solution to the problem while defining the source about the complaints in question.

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The main issue in this hospital is the management of workers. The population of employees is excess and the fact that the manager has been in that institution for a very long period she now lacks the power and authority to control some staff. The problem is considered recent because of all along in the previous years she was up to the task but because of the time she has been around her managerial skills have improved because of experience but the personal approach and command to workers has declined a lot. In this regard, she is the source of the problem. The solution is to request a transfer so as to enable her advance her career in some other areas; it will be the first way of improving the institution.

Secondly, the fact that the rate of consumption of disposables has been increasing implies that the hospital lacks proper storage facilities. This explains why the shelves are overstocked to the extent why some materials are overflowing. In addition to this, there have been rush orders that are usually made for some items whenever demand rises. This simply implies that the organization has inadequate storage sites that can accommodate enough materials to reduce emergencies in the hospital. The storage room is directly related to contamination area, i.e. the dumping stations. If the stores are properly maintained, there will be a proper emptying of storage materials and appropriate dumping, and if the opposite is true, the dumping site is likely to be missing.

The third aspect to note is that storage room is a source of confusion to this hospital. The fact that it is not clearly organized extends the problem even to the users if the materials within the stored there. To improve the income within the organization and to curb the problem, I recommend the following; firstly, the manager should categorize workers according to their specialization in the institution so as to identify the exact source of the problem within the department. Secondly, proper arrangements should be made in the storage rooms so as to determine the exact amount of extra space needed for storage purposes. This is important as it may be used to act as a basis for building a new storage room. Demand and population increase may be a factor that may also necessitate the construction of a new storage facility. On the side of the manager, she should do various activities that involve learning to criticize his employees without being hard on them.

Besides, she can do this by correcting employees whenever they happen to mess without insulting them. This improves their efficiency in operation. Being open and always available to the employees is also crucial. The significance of this is the fact that at times the employees need her guidance and direction that can only be provided by her presence. Conceivably, she should give employees of different section something to work hard for. This boosts the morale of every worker and makes them free to present the challenges that they experience in their respective areas hence reduces the risk the organization engaging in problems. It can be done by giving rewards to top performers and the most improved in the department. Finally, working towards involving workers in making decisions. Workers are more aware of the challenges compared to the top manager. It is, therefore, important that she involves them in top level decisions.


The key and most ideal element in any organization is the employee. He or she is the driving force propelling the efforts of the firm's operation towards achieving the goals and objectives. It is, therefore, clear that any challenge that may emerge in an institution must be related to the personnel or the top official. Employees are unlikely to be resistant as long as their interest is well protected. Without them, the hospital will come to a standstill. Also, team work as explained by most entrepreneurial theorist remains a core principle in any institution regardless of its nature.

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