The International Social Movement TAPOL

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The primary aim of any social movement is reformative seeking to try to impact change to the current injustices and inequalities. The international social movement TAPOL comes into existence because of the lack of core and social services, weakening of local institutions, erosion of traditional cultures and norms, and exploitation of their natural resources. The West Papuans felt that it was high time that they started to fight for their rights in the society. They have been discriminated for a very long time making most of them to forget even their cultures. The existence of this movement was to ensure that every member of that society could fight for his or her rights as the rest of the people. This movement later led to the growth and development of Indonesia civilization.

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Political and socioeconomic problems were other problems that made the people of the West Papuans be dissatisfied and distrust the current government that was not fighting for their rights. Experts have established that the most powerful social movements in the history are those that came to rise because of the political and socioeconomically reasons. This is because such issues have a direct impact on the lives of common citizens (Downing, 2011). When they are not addressed appropriately, it can lead to the death of many people since they would not be able to provide the basic needs. Despite its abundant natural resources that the West Papuans may possess, it was considered one of the poorest countries in the world. The widespread poverty and starvation in that country made the country slow when it came to economic development. later, the community decided to form a social movement that would ensure the can fight for their rights as members of that society.

TAPOL is a non-governmental organization, which monitors human rights in Indonesia. This is because the country was heavily suffering from different socioeconomic and political issues. Most of the citizens in that country were dying of starvation, and the government was giving a blind eye to their problems. The country was divided into sections in which a part that came to power would finance their people while leaving the rest of the population to suffer. The increased number of death in Indonesia was very alarming making other countries like Britain interested in what is happening in that country. TAPOL was formed to after a major crisis that occurred in the country between the years 1965-1966 (Downing, 2011).

Indonesia gained many benefits through TAPOLI. It influences the growth and development of Indonesian civilization. Through the introduction of that social organization, the foreigners were able to bring new ideas o the country that has never been since before. During that era, most of the parts of the world had developed and were undergoing transitional from one technology to another. Indonesia was still lagging behind because of the crisis activities that lasted for a very long term. Poor governance was also attributed to the low economic development of the country. The introduction of TAPOL brought about new ideas and ways of doing things in the country (Wilkinson, 2009). One of the areas that Indonesia benefited was the introduction of modern technologies in the country. Many aspects of the country were still using the local traditional ways of conducting business. The social movement led to helping people with modern technologies such as new methods of communications. This transformed the lives of many of the citizens in Indonesia. It was a major boost to the Indonesia government since they were able to manage the people in a better way that before.

When it comes to majority and development, the social movement TAPOL came with a new system of government that was not practiced in that country. This new method of governance was very beneficial to the country since it ensured inequalities regarding the distribution of resources. In the past, the government was focusing on a particular part of the country for development. This led to inequality when it comes to distribution of public resources. For a country to develop, they might have equality when it comes to allocation of jobs and responsibilities (Downing, 2011). This will have positive impacts on all regions of the country, as people would be able to develop their places of resident.

The introduction of the media in Indonesia was a major boost to the social injustices that were happening in that country. The media play a significant role in the lives of common citizens who cannot be able to fight for their rights. It was able to air all the injustices that the government was doing to the other parts of the country. This attracted the attention of various international communities who heavy criticize the Indonesia government. This led to the government officials try new system of governance that would not portray the bad image of the country (Tarrow, 2012). The media benefited most of the marginalized communities, as they were able to make the grievance to be heard by the government. This does not suggest that the government did not try all means possible to suppress the media activities in the country. It tried to come up with new regulation that tended to interfere with the work of the media. Through TAPOL, the international government passed major rules that the advocated for the rights of all Medias stations in the world. The new law supported for not the every media station be governed by a country. The media was supposed to operate freely without the interference with the official from any country (Tarrow, 2012). The Indonesia government had not choice but to respect that international law. It led to reduce the widespread of poverty and starvation that the country had been experiencing for a long time. The country was able to start having economic development that boosts the lives of people.

The movement was able to monitor all the government affairs and activities and criticized it where appropriate. This made the government very keen when managing that country. It realizes by other countries monitoring its affairs; it cannot be able to disappoint them by continued discrimination a particular region of the country (Tarrow, 2012). It resulted in the government setting up new bills that ensured every person right was respected. In the following year, through the influence of Tripoli, the government was able to pass a new constitution that was used by various countries in the world. The new constitutional transformed the country significantly as every person in that country was held accountable for his/her actions. In addition, the government officials had to respect and be guided by that constitution. A dictator governed Indonesia for a very long time known as Soeharto.


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