The Influence of Certain Interest Groups on Public Administration

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Under what conditions should we expect interest group influence to be greater or lesser? Although many scholars have always been interested in the influence that certain interest groups have had on public administration, they have not been able to figure out the degree of that influence in most public organizations (Nicholson-Crotty & Nicholson-Crotty, 2004). Additionally, the political and public administration scholars have not established the effect that the influence has on democratic governance.

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The data were taken from districts in Texas on the influence that parents, especially well educated ones have on managerial priorities of the school superintendents.

The cross-sectional data were calculated by the application of the Huber/White/sandwich estimator of variance. The independent variables were mainly the educated parents, and college qualifiers.

From the research, it was established that lack of interaction between the manager and the interest group lessens the influence that the educated parents have on managerial decisions. Additionally, well-educated parents can have a greater influence when their interaction with the top manager is frequent.

Important parts of public administration are so deeply entrenched in the habits of the community, so firmly supported by the public (Long, 1949). The force of an executive order is dependent on the political strength of the demanding groups as well as the context of other groups of interest. Although power is derived from the superiors, the juniors have a say in the administration.

To prove or disapprove the thesis, the American presidency, and the congress was evaluated on how its decisions are made and the parties that are involved in the decision making.

From the research, it was established that any attempts to make administrative decisions without involving all the power structures is bound to fail. Additionally, the power balance between the executive and legislature is dependent on group support.


Although administrative bodies are given the mandate to lead the public, the decisions they make are not solely based on the set down rules and procedures. On the contrary, there some interest groups who are very influential. As such, they contribute to the decisions that those bodies make. However, the degree of the influences depends on the size and political strength of the interest groups. The larger the groups, the greater the influences they will impose.


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