The Functional Perspective of English Learning for Acquired Speakers

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A reflection of the industrial and enlightenment changes explain the various procedures adapted by the society in trying to solve individuals language problems, which did not stand better grounds to find long-term solutions to their English literary problems. Since the literature society embraced human live, continuous emphasis to better the lives of all people prevailed; thus, the resulting to the development of different literary and language solutions at different times (Orwell, 1946). Nancy Summers anticipated that the main reason leading to these developments was the human thought of focusing on the world where everybody remains outstanding and could undertake his responsibilities despite the present challenges (1984, p. 160). The series of thoughts by philosophers and theorists led to the implementation of composition and language writing solutions upon which other people adapt as ideal platforms to ensure a reach to the target goals and objectives in English (Sommers, 1982). The following discussion is a critical analysis of the various resolutions in English First Language and Second Language Learners adapted to ensure valuable and educative programs extent evenly to all groups despite their present states of socio-cultural and lifestyle backgrounds.

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The main perspectives and factors of inclusion in English language learning

Kate Kiefer (2000) realized that the world posed natural challenges to the existence language learning activities, and that differences would prevail from the diverse cultures that were and still are present in the academic world. The challenges restrain lingual developments and the value held on cultural practices further threatened interrelations and exchange of ideas. Secondly, the disabled individuals in the different global societies were insignificant in the olden days, a factor that amounted to neglect and abandoned for non-specific reasons (Orwell, Laski, & Hogben, 1948). With the continuous evolution of vocabulary and informal linguistics in communication; the need to correlate and implement communication changes rests inevitable. People engaged in implementing better relationships and breaking through the lingual differences that bound them to retrogression would perceive active integration by attending and learning the English discipline.

Among the various explanations on the views and policies of inclusion, some of them may render inapplicability to inclusion, while others shall steer the reach of the desired goals and objectives. Most of the ideologies present controversies to the intended purpose of inclusion. They tend to direct relevance to integration rather inclusion and entirely end up establishing meager significances to the desired goals and objectives. Since ancient times, researchers and philosophers continually develop approaches that will resolve the issue neglect and bias to various groups of the society with the notion that all individuals in the community are equally important thus; they all deserve equal rights. Through globalization, the prevailing differences among the broad global community have continuously diminished thus; the widespread differences that initially separated the disabled from their different counterparts decreased accordingly (Orwell, 1946). However, the individualism ideology resulting from capitalism holds significance as consequential to the birth of the currently used policies.

The functional perspective of English learning for acquired speakers

The functionalism approach helps resolving the strenuous learning and teaching relationships amongst ESL and native speaking individuals in the social environment. George Orwell (1946) identified that through the ideological construction of authenticated study materials, a platform would be set and upon it, the second language learners would be capable to solve the vocabulary comprehension and acquisition constraints. However, the nature of the study in the politicking of English language learning revolves around the nature of civility and diversity. Notably, the study provokes one to acknowledge the prevalence of intercultural conflicts in the acquisition of English language (Sommers, 1982). The purported factors of the ideological approaches highlight the loss of ones culture for the acquisition of English language. Given that ESL embraced the functionalists perspective as the key to ensuring that all people in the global society exhibited the desired degree of English language learning contributions instead of safeguarding the unique nature of every socio-cultural inclusion. Therefore, the English composition and comprehension processes of learning English vocabulary could not be held for granted. As it is a norm, all people reflect different talents and upon implementation of the talents and working them out successfully; the resulting outcomes might be valuable to the entire society. All the positive factors shown from everybodys performances are propellants to the global economy and society.

People remained inertly significant to their cultural backgrounds; hence, everybody relates to his language practices to his native language. Under such extremes, the modern society struggled to attain his goals during his lifetime. However, it dawned to them that they needed each other for faster development and beautiful co-existence. This advent of thought occurred in the 18th century, and it became the era of enlightenment. During this period, the society endeavored into developing different approaches to handling different problems thus; the practice led to the birth of professionalism. Subsequently, the human society realized that all people held intrinsic diverse lingual values and purposes in life and needed help to exhibit them (Orwell, 1946). In order to ensure empowerment in the society, the able-minded individuals adapted to the favorable English language comprehension, which favor and aim to unify the entire society rather than individuals.

A second perspective that intensifies collaboration of the society amongst all the different groupings in English language adaptation is the theory of capitalism. A reflection to the 18th century establishes a dawning to the rise of capitalism under the ideological approach of individualism in economic and social factors. Researchers and chronological accounts establish that English speakers extended value to those who previously remained under the inferior clause of the society. These were mainly the illiterate societies in the African and American regions. From the inferior races, English language learning became phenomenological in advancing towards other global communities. The knowledgeable implementation of English capitalism by the masterminds led to the cohesion of different societies to hold equal importance amongst themselves and their equivalents in the learning process (Orwell, Laski, & Hogben, 1948). Therefore, the continued cohesion in the edge of capitalism eventually caused inclusion in educational systems since the society continually got enlightened and held importance to different sorts of people.

Another perspective, English integration and inclusion, led to the appreciation of all demographic groups in the education sector at the advent of individualism. For example, since the baby boomers generation of US, families have been exercising cultures that tame the minds of the young generation and deploy the thought on independence and individualism; however, for the best course of life. Findings denote that such individuals struggled to better their lives, with less concern to material wealth held by their relatives. The perspective of integration and inclusion serves to satisfy effectively the will of the disabled and uphold their desire to play developmental roles of common language to the society (Sommers, 1982).

With the spread of integration and inclusion perspective in different societies and cultures, individuals resolved to establish that the physically and mentally challenged members of the society were equally important, and it would wise to ensure that they too were independent. Therefore, the assimilated and native English capitalists society practiced the individualism approaches (Orwell, 1946). By so doing, they improvised integrative and inclusive educational systems that would hold importance and acquaint the challenged people with the best knowledge possible to ensure that they would engage in beneficial activities on a future date.

Medical Enlightenment

The medical theoretical approach led to the enlightenment of the society and doctors presumed to learn English as a common culture of serving all people in spite of their differences. The measure of ethical and unethical factors used to determine behavioral characteristics of people on whether one is good or bad prevails in different societies. Anciently, the beliefs curbed the reach to help the challenged individuals. Some of the cases upon which the global societies held as inconsistent to beautiful coexistences are criminal, with the participants falling under the category of wrongdoers and obviously a social menace. Through the development of medical enlightenment perspective, the human society realized the importance of these people and the fact that they could change when given a chance to recuperate from their antisocial behaviors. In the ancient days, these individuals were societal outcasts, and they could not get help from anyone since people avoided their company. At such times, the individuals would not refrain from the behaviors but would rather become a social menace (Orwell, Laski, & Hogben, 1948). Therefore, the needs arose that individuals would have relevance and contribute to social development upon the ascertainment and the show of belonging to the prospective societies. Perceptions were that the only way to tame such individuals would be through inclusion into educational systems and the entire community.

The Fundamental Rights of a Child

The continued evolution in human beings lingual perceptions and understanding of the differences prevailing amongst themselves has consequently led to the acceptability that every individual has a purpose. The English acquisition and learning perspectives result in the implementation of institutions that facilitate to honor the needs of disabled individuals in the society, and precisely, the biased groups of the majority population. For instance, the establishment of UNESCO, a UN program, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that children gain access to appropriate English-based education despite of the factors surrounding their environments. The policies articulated to the program serve to break the boundaries that may harbor the intended outreach. Mainly, the strategies and rules serve to coagulate different societies, such that the bodies remain independent and can exercise the desired mandate at a global platform. Such bodies possess valuable factors in ensuring equity in enlightenment to the human race despite the different socio-cultural practices.

Revolution in the global society implicates on the need to empower and avoid chances of neglect by ensuring that disabled perceive their positive importance to society. Therefore, authorities define constitutions that enforce inclusion of disabled individuals to the social facilities belonging to able-minded people. The ESL perspective of ensuring interactions amongst the different people in the global society serves to decipher a positive mentality that the disabled belong to the society irrespective of the bodily differences. However, the approach of ensuring equity through the cohesion of the disabled and other people befalls restraints as to the extent upon which they may feel appreciated and the expected relationships with their able-bodied counterparts (Orwell, Laski, & Hogben, 1948)....

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