The Diversity of Gender in Apple INC

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Thank you for offering me this opportunity to address a very pertinent issue that touches on gender diversity in the management of Apple Inc. The Apple Inc has been in the forefront in providing quality services to its clientele. The provision of quality services in undoubtedly one of the major strides that the company is proud of. Additionally, as a global leader in the supply of electronics such as computer software, iPhones, Smartphones, and Ipads, the Apple Inc should embrace gender equality that is enshrined in many international instruments. Specifically, gender inequality is a major issue in the company as women contribute to 30% of the over 1, 000 employees of the enterprise compared to the high percentage of men at 70%. Although the company has been faring well in its primary areas of operation, it has failed to recognize the role of women and the issues of gender equality. As a result, I am writing this memo to present a case for the consideration of gender balance in the company.

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Although gender inequality is not reflected in the final profits of the company, it is, nevertheless, a very critical issue in the business management. The effects of gender inequality are reflected in the motivation of the employees. According to Ozbilgin (2010), diversity ensures that both women and men taking part in the management of the organization feel that they are equally respected and hence equality recognized by being offered positions of administration in an almost equal manner. However, when the number of male workers surpasses those of the women by such a huge margin, then it means that Apple Inc, an international company, does not appreciate the diversity of gender. Specifically, gender difference has been seen to affect the following aspects of a business organization;




The diversity of gender in Apple Inc is necessary because women are seen as very appealing when it comes to the marketing of the companys products and services. Therefore, an organization like this requires a high number of the female workers so that they can help in the marketing of the products that the company produces. However, if the status quo remains, then the company is likely to miss the opportunity, which presents itself in the form of gender diversity. I appreciate the role that the male sex is playing in the success of the organization. However, the balancing of the gender would even ensure more success as the female employees will be more motivated. As a result, they will increase their productivity leading to, even more, profits for the company. According to Beham Straub, & Schwalbach (2012), diversity in the workplace is essential for employee motivation and hence increased productivity. Similarly, Flynn (2016) underscores the importance of gender equality stating that employees should not pass the chance of reaping the fruits that come with diversity in the workplace.

I had an interview with one of the employees of the company who expressed disappointment in the manner in which one gender has overtaken the other hence making the company faulty in complying with the international standards of equality between the sexes. According to Kelvin (2016), gender party will provide motivation and hence increase the work output of the employees. Additionally, Kelvin (2016) was surprised that the company was missing this opportunity of deploying women who are excellent in the marketing of products. From this interview, I got further proof that gender parity is the way to go if the Apple Inc is to remain competitive and gender sensitive.

Due to this problem of equality between the sexes, I have come up which a compromised solution that in my opinion will help solve the issue of gender imbalance in the Apple Inc. Precisely, the Apple Inc should consider the following alternatives in their quest to have diversity in the workplace;

Enacting policies that enforce gender parity in recruitment and selection

In this case, the management of the Apple Company should consider adopting recruitment policies that will be aimed at achieving equality between the sexes. In this regard, they should consider passing recruitment policies that call for a 50-50 deployment of the male and female gender. In this case, gender parity will be achieved, as the number of women employed by the company would be equal to the male employees. Additionally, the methods of promotion should not be discriminatory; women and men alike should be offered the opportunity to showcase their managerial expertise without favoring any individual based on gender.

Consultation with employees

In this option, the company will solicit information from the employees on the importance of gender parity and what they think is the best way of achieving that. This method should not discriminate and indeed, should get opinions from both male and female employees. Specifically, they should seek information on what the employees think about gender diversity and the methods that they believe would achieve that. From the responses that will be confidentially given by the workers, the company should then draw conclusions on the best way that they will use to achieve gender parity in the organization. Apart from the employees, they should also consult an expert who will provide a professional opinion on the best way to achieve equality of gender in the Apple Inc.

Review of gender parity in various departments

This is the third and final alternative that the company can use to ensure that diversity of gender is achieved in the workplace. This option requires that the management of the company conduct an evaluation of the head of departments and assess the male versus the female employees. From the results of the evaluation, the company can then go ahead and devise measures that will ensure that parity is maintained. Although the company cannot demote male employees so that they can promote the female ones, or terminate their employment, it is best that the evaluation is used to guide future recruitment. According to Flynn (2016), gender equality boosts the performance and innovative prowess of a company. As such, gender parity is an important tool for bringing more innovations and diverse work skills in the Apple Inc.

From the three alternatives that the company can deploy to guarantee gender parity in the workplace, I am for the first one, which is the enactment of policies that guarantee gender equality in the deployment and recruitment of employees. This method will among other things, provide for the method of recruitment and selection as well as the various penalties to be meted out to those who fault the provisions of the policies. I prefer this method to the other because of the following reasons;

The plan is fair to all and does not in any way disrespect any gender.

It is easier to implement, as the Human Resources Department will be compelled to recruit an equal number of men and women.

The process of the recruitment will be entrenched in the company policies and, therefore, any HR officer circumventing them will face disciplinary measures.

It will provide a fair playing ground for both gender, and the employees will be selected on merit rather than on gender.

Although the making of the policies on recruitment and selection is a good decision in achieving gender diversity, the apple company must ensure that the policies are implemented in letter and spirit. Therefore, there is a need for a follow-up mechanism that will ensure that the policies passed by the management are obeyed. Specifically, the management should set a team, which will be concerned with enforcing the policies. This team will evaluate whether the HR department followed the policies on equality in their recruitment and selection processes. In case they are found to have disregarded some of the policies, the hiring process should be rendered null and void and henceforth repeated. Similarly, to establish whether gender equality is indeed a motivator to the employees, the company should evaluate the productivity of the workers before and after the attainment of gender parity and thereby establish if indeed, it is useful to the organization.

To conclude, the number of men is more than female employees in the Apple Inc. As such, the morale of the female workers is minimal. In this case, there is a need for ensuring that gender equality is guaranteed by setting policies that are focused on equality in the recruitment and selection of employees. Ultimately, the company will benefit from the increased productivity as the morale of employees will be increased.

Kindly consider the aforementioned for the smooth running of the company.



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