The Criminal Justice Systems and Issues of Schizophrenia

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Hook: Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that disintegrates the harmony between emotion, behavior, and thoughts.

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Background information: The Schizophrenic condition is fatal in advanced stages because it causes dilutions and withdrawal from the reality.

Background and clarification: The criminal justice system does not cater for cases of schizophrenia patients because of the inadequate equipment and knowledge to handles cases of schizophrenia.

Evidence and explanation: Schizophrenic criminals need a supportive environment for treatment and recovery, which is deficient in most criminal justice system.

iii :Thesis claim: Criminal justice system does not adequately respond to issues associated with schizophrenia.


Main point 1: Lack of skills to handle schizophrenia patients

Background: Criminal judicial systems do not have personel with skills to handle persons with mental illness such schizophrenia.

Evidence and explanation: In U.S, plans are underway to avail better service for people with schizophrenia.

Evidence and support: The police lack specialized skills to respond to persons with mental problem but are equipped with technics of correct lawbreakers.

Opposition: The police have knowledge and a supportive environment to allow schizophrenia patients to heal

Explanation and support: People believe that police have knowledge and environment to handle persons with schizophrenia following the availability of cool places where the patients can relax and recover from the illness.

Response to opposition: The police have many schizophrenic patients with varied degrees of their insanity hence cannot attend to all the patients.Main point 2: The schizophrenic criminals are overcrowding jails

Background: The number of schizophrenia criminal increases each day making jails crowded. Evidence and explanation: The high population of schizophrenia patients reduces the effectiveness of reforms in most criminal justices systems.

Opposition: The establishment of mental health courts, police trainings and diversions programs makes criminal justice system a better place for schizophrenia patients.

Explanation and support: The increase in schizophrenia criminals and other psychotic conditions has led to the initiations of training and establishment of mental health courts

Response to opposition: In the last decades, police are undertaking pieces of training; countries are developing mental health courts and diversion programs thus making criminal judicial systems the best for schizophrenia patients.


Review of main ideas: criminal justice system cannot respond adequately to issues of schizophrenia because of inadequate facilities, skills, and resources. Schizophrenia patients take a long time to heal and there are limited spaces to accommodate the rising population of schizophrenia criminals.

Final thought: With efforts to train police, establishing courts dealing with mental health and diversions programs may bring reforms to criminal justice systems to handle schizophrenia.

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