The Concept of Freedom

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In the United States of America, freedom is considered as one of the most important rights that a citizen should have. The idea of liberty has been a significant issue in this nation since industrialization, where exceptional individuals had to give up their lives in the fight for freedom. Such people include the great Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, who died in the struggle to fight for freedom. In this nation, most citizens, if not all, agree on the fact that individuals should have all the rights of freedom, which also includes the freedom of expression. Black Americans have also been targeted since industrialization where they have been enslaved and subjected to different forms of torture. However, the concept of freedom has been changing since these periods and are continuing to change in the twenties.

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Freedom of contract is one aspect that has changed from industrialization to the twenties. During the industrialization, people had freedom to form contracts, as long as they were legal, without any government interventions. However, nowadays, the government is highly involved in the formation of any contracts due to security measures. Some individuals feel that their freedom is somehow oppressed by this intervention since the government tracks all their moves in doing so. The fourteenth amendment is another area that has seen the concept of freedom change over the past years. As discussed in this essay, slavery was legal during the periods of industrialization, but in the modern age, its considered as one of the most illegal practices.

Though this concept of freedom has changed over this period, one thing remains in common. Political vocabulary in this nation continues to be centered on freedom. Political experts and other individuals who fight for freedom continue to base their arguments on the fact that the attainment of independence for any nation means that the citizens of that country are free. This includes all the citizens and denying some of the citizens their rights is considered as a violation of this fact. Though disagreements have occurred over the recent years on the concept of freedom, its fair to say that America is one of the countries where freedom for all individuals is the central idea that is looked into by not only the government but other groups.

The idea of freedom has never been a settled classification or idea. Instead, it has been the subject of the diligent clash in American history. During the periods of industrialization, freedom was only meant for some citizens. Other individuals, most specifically the blacks were not free and could not consider themselves as the people of America. However, the twenties have changed this concept, and all individuals, including the blacks, have the freedom that they once never had. The historical backdrop of American opportunity is a story of level headed discussions, differences, and battles instead of an arrangement of ageless classes or a developmental account toward a predetermined objective. Some people continue to argue that the old days were better and use freedom as an excuse of the various concerns that face the United States of America currently.

The significance of opportunity has been built at all levels of societyin open congressional deliberations and political treatises, as well as on manors and picket lines, in parlors and even in rooms. Freedom is not only centered on the right to live freely as an American citizen but also on other issues such as the freedom to own a gun. During the periods of industrialization, there was the freedom to own such weapons without the need to follow some rules of registration and nearly all individuals had these weapons at their homes. However, it's difficult to have the freedom of owning a weapon and some citizens argue that this is a freedom that should be considered in this country. Freedom, therefore, continues to change in nearly all aspects, and most political individuals use this to base their arguments when they are competing for different positions in the government.

Though this concept continues to change, one thing should remain in common. Whichever the changes made, they should ensure that all the rights of the American citizens are met, and none of their rights should be denied. A free and fair country is one where everyone can express their feelings on different issues, no matter how critical, such matters might be. Apart from the expression, citizens should also be able to live with complete freedom knowing that they can do anything so long as its legal or go anywhere without anyone asking them questions.

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