The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

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What I think about Abelards decision not to give up his family?

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In the famous Doctor, Yunior tells of Abelard, the famous surgeon who helped save many victims from the Haitian genocide. He is a well-established man, well learned and relatively well off with supermarkets, horse farm and cement factory under his name. On top of these possessions, he has a beautiful family; his wife Socorro and Jacquelyn their daughter. Trujillo, the dictator has a reputation for sleeping with almost all the beautiful girls in the land. Abelard, the doting father knew of the danger his daughter would be in if Trujillo ever laid his eyes on her. Abelard tries all he can to keep his daughter from the dictator, churning excuses that his wife had a mental condition and Jacquelyn was taking care of her at home. Withholding anything (or anyone for that matter) from Trujillo amounted to treason and there would be unpleasant consequences. I think Abelards decision to protect his family from Trujillo was a selfless act that only a loving father would do, regardless of the dire possibility of danger. It was somehow the beginning of fuku for his family as he was beaten, tortured and his family suffered a series of troubles with successive generations.

Why would Trujillo choose Jacquelyn, out of all the girls on the island? Was it fuku? Was Trujillo after him?

Abelard does not want trouble with the dictator; he keeps his head low under all circumstances. He keeps the name Trujillo out of his mouth at all times. Apart from Trujillos unmatched sexual appetite for young girls on the land, I think he was out looking for trouble in Abelards camp. Abelard had kept a low profile, doing all things that he was supposed to without crossing the lines. Trujillo, in my opinion wanted to ruffle Abelards feathers and hopefully land him in trouble. He succeeds as we see Abelard getting arrested and tortured. I also think that maybe Abelard had a fuku following him, and it was beginning to show its ugly face through Trujillo showing unhealthy interests in his daughter. We see that Abelards temporary relief from Trujillo getting hold of his daughter is his rather witty sense of humor. He says youd only like them if you like women with moustaches. This made the dictator actually laughs, dispelling Trujillos intention of finding out about the whereabouts of Jacquelyn. A witty sense of humor was a clever way to dodge the question.

Oscars love life

We come across Oscar getting his first kiss from Ybon. He also gets beaten, all within the span of one night. Against the advice of his mother and grandmother, he continues to see her, even after being warned that Ybon was a puta, a prostitute. Oscar is love struck and desperate for Ybon. Even after learning of her two boys and the numerous abortions she had done, he still insists to marry her. Ybon tells him he has a Dominican police officer as his boyfriend, but Oscar does not listen. Maybe a beating by the officer that would leave him unconscious would wake him up from his stupor. Was all of Oscars miserable love life attributed to fuku?

I dont think so. I think this sad state of affairs lies squarely on Oscars personality. He was an introvert whose only company were his novels. He had little experience with the ladies and whenever he found one he would be obsessive and possessive, deluding himself that it was love, yet just below the surface it was desperation masquerading as love.

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