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In the article Stop Alien Abductions, the primary claim is that there is a product that can be used to stop alien abductions. This is because the content of the article is mainly talking about a product that can be used to successfully stop the aliens from abducting and taking control of the minds of human beings (Jacobs & Hopkins, n.d).

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The assumption made by believers is that aliens actually exist (Jacobs & Hopkins, n.d). Although there have been various stories of their existence, no sufficient proof has been brought to light. The believers, however, argue that the aliens exist, which is why the product to prevent abductions has been created. An example of evidence used is how they state that there are former abductees from various parts of the world, who have used the helmet for seventeen years and that there has only been one failure (Jacobs & Hopkins, n.d). This individual is trying to make others believe that there are actually aliens, and that there is a product that can offer protection from abduction. If other readers see how there have been similar stories of abductions, it makes it seem real.

A more plausible explanation for their claims is that sometimes a person suffers from mental conditions, making them to see and hear things which are not actually true. For the patient, the experience seems very real as there will be voices in the head, and a patient may have an episode, only to regain consciousness and not remember anything. Therefore, the claim is that the aliens were using their telepathic powers to communicate, which is how they end up abducting human beings.


Basically, pseudoscience means fake science. The article features excessive skepticism. This is because it claims that adults and children from all over the world have been wearing the thought screen helmets successfully ever since 1999 (Jacobs & Hopkins, n.d). In real sense, if this were true, then the internet would be flowing with information of these helmets which help to stop the abductions of aliens. Additionally, the content features pseudoscience since the scientists tend to become interested in a newly identified idea, whereby they incorporate the problem into their research programs thus leading to new discoveries. This is not the case in this article, as no scientists have come forward to express an interest in this field. Therefore, it is possible that the writer of the article is indeed making up the content and evidence he produces to support his product.

Baloney Detection

This article violates the Baloney detection kit in many ways. First, the Baloney Detection kit point 4 asks how the claim fits with the way the present world functions. The content of the article seem false, as the present world only recognizes aliens in fictional movies (Jacobs & Hopkins, n.d). There has never been reliable evidence of a person abducted by aliens. Second, the fifth question which asks whether anyone has tried to disqualify the claim has been violated. This is because the belief of the existence of aliens is never taken seriously. This is because many think that it is fictional. Thus, since there has never been sufficient evidence, the content of the paper does not even receive attention as the topic is believed to be unimportant. Lastly, the last question, which seeks to identify if personal beliefs are driving the claim has also been violated. This is because the content of the article is based solely on the experience of one individual. No other participant has taken part in the research.


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