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The objective of the plan is to provide a Virtual Radiology (vRad) that provides "teleradiology" services to the homes and hospitals which are important for the improvement of the security and quality of services. Historically, most hospitals have been using the centralized model and doctors working in the hospital and within the hospital, at a particular time, use the radiology plan. It is important because the hospitals and homes can be enabled to work with radiologists through the internet (Gupta, & NIIT (Corporation), 2003). This is made possible since the radiologists can send images to the hospital over the internet. The use of innovative technology in medicine is very significant for the local radiologists as they offer the services of the specialty-trained radiologists that can be utilized in the interpretation of the technicalities in the hospital.

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The technical plan provided is very significant in that it provides how the V-Rad works. In the image, the web-server provides the information required. Such information is then remitted to the firewall and at the firewall, the unwanted information is trimmed. The trimming of the information is very important as it eliminates the viruses that might affect the efficiency of the server. On the other hand, router 2 where the staff PC connects with the switch also provides another router in the V-Rad (Held, 2004). Through this, the staff PC is connected to the switch. The switch connection is very significant as it breaks down in case the system is overworked. The router acts as a channel for the internet to be utilized by the user. It is through the router that the information is passed from the user to the receiver and the communication made easy between the two people.

The design is very important as it provides all the information required in the security since it has the centralized model where the doctors can work outside the hospital and still provides the services to the hospital. It is significant as it offers hospitals the ability to work with the radiologists through the utilization of the internet. For example, the radiologists can undertake their services while outside the hospital. They can then send the radiologists information report to the hospital where the analysis is undertaken. The innovative use of telemedicine is very crucial as it allows the radiologists and other hospital specialists to work over the internet and at the same time provide quality services to the hospital (Held, 2004). The objective of the plan is to speed up the work of the hospital specialists and enable the hospital to provide quality services to the customers. The larger network provided to the subspecialists such as the musculoskeletal and neurology might be significant within and outside the hospital.

Furthermore, the plan's vRad model is also crucial in that it provides the unique challenges. This is very crucial because it ensures effective security of the communications between the hospital and the radiologists as well. Additionally, the stringent regulatory requirements enforce the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and also the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) (Gupta, & NIIT (Corporation), 2003). The system also provides strict auditing requirements and information security. The requirements allow the hospital to ensure that the services provided to the customers are quality as it sends the patient's images which can be used for patient's study. It is through this that the physicians can review the information and sends them back for implementation.


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