Stereotypes in Film Making Processes

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Films are generally built on whatever happens in the society. As such, filmmakers mostly get their content from the daily happenings that are mostly encountered by people. The happenings have to be interesting for them to form the basis of a film. There are different characters in those films who undertake different roles. Some undertake very complex roles that often fall into familiar patterns of either male or female. A film writer will rely on the tropes with the intention of showing those things that will be represented in the minds of the audience of that particular film. Alternatively, the writer will dwell on the exploration of a set of tropes that are made by the community and classified as either always female or always male. In this regard, the film writers rely on the tropes and the stereotypes in their film making processes. The tropes can either be damaging to the stereotypes depending on what they represent. Similarly, they can also uplift the status of either gender depending on the representation that they make about that particular gender.

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The Sharp Dressed Man is demonstrated by the writer as the ideal man who will attract the attention of the easy ladies. In this regard, this narrative has created two stereotypes. One of those is the category of ideal men and the easy ladies who have otherwise been described as those who cannot fail to swoon at the sight of the Sharp Dressed Man. This narrative creates a trope of the likeable men in the society versus others who are deemed lesser likeable and others who are rarely likeable. This stereotyping, which generalizes those sharp dressed men is not only painting a bad image on men who dress in nice suits but also implies that they have ulterior motives in their dressing. This representation of Sharp Dressed Men as those with the intention of appeasing the ladies is damaging to the men who love suits and who dress sharply with the intention of being smart.

Barney Stinson in the How I Met Your Mother is one of those actors who use the trope of the Sharp Dressed Man in their acting. In this regard, the person wears the suits at all times. Specifically, he wears the pajama suits at night so that when the easy women come, he will still be attractive to them at night. Therefore, this trope of sharply dressed man is the one that Stinson lives by and indeed, emulates at all times. This is now the origin of the problem. In this regard, categorizing men as though they have to impress by wearing pajama suits at night with the objective of attracting women is biased. Even those who wear the suits during the day do not do so at night as that serves no particular purpose. However, the aim of the writer was to show how those who choose to be sharply dressed do not dessert their dressings even at night.

Apart from the stereotyping of men as those who dress nicely with the intention of attracting easy women, the women have also been stereotyped as easy and generally attracted by the outward look of the men. In this regard, the so-called easy women can thus be categorized in the group of ladies with loose morals. This implies how cheap that one category of ladies can be. This is very damaging to the ladies that consider other factors before they fall for men, other than the dressing of those particular men. Indeed, a minority of the ladies are the ones who can be described as easy going and those who would swoon by looking at the Sharp Dressed Men. However, majority of them are concerned with more serious factors and characters of the men other than the dressing and the outfit that they have to wear daily as their trademark.

To conclude, the trope of the Sharp Dressed Man, which is used by Barney Stinson in the How I Met Your Mother is a very damaging representation of the men that dress in nice outfits almost all the time. In this regard, the male gender is displayed as people who dress well with an intention of attracting the easy ladies. However, most men dress well with the aim of being smart always and maintaining a high status in the society. Therefore, this display and narrative that has been developed to explain the nice dressing is damaging to the reputation of men who don nice suits most of the time. The narrative is also damaging to the ladies who are represented as easy as the men who wear nice outfits attract them. There is also a gender factor that comes in this trope. Specifically, men dress well so that they can appease the women while the ladies swoon around men who have nice suits throughout.

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