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The social plan is useful in many businesses because it is the modern way to advertise its services and products to the customers. The first thing the company should do when developing the social plan is to collect valuable market artifacts. This is the most important part in planning, it is here that the market niche will be identified and the type of customers to focus on while advertising for the services.

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Like in our case, LA Drones is a company that has specialized in drone photography they are capable of filming music videos, showcasing the arena, real estates and any form of aerial photographing they are able to offer that service of advertising. It is for this reason they should keep updated their clients and the shareholders of what they are capable of doing (Duggan et al., 2015).

Since there are various firm involved in the same business it is important for LA Drones to share its content through social media so as to attract more customers from other businesses. Use of social media will give LA Drones an upper hand in promoting their business and making them known more over its competitors. Therefore, to experience quick growth and expansion, social media activity should be the major event (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010).

Use of social media should entail sharing their ideas and content with other companies and networking and exchanging ideas from these enterprises. For instance in our case LA Drones has differentiated its self from its competitors like the drone dudes and Aerial Media Pros by demonstrating to its clients that they have technical knowledge with qualified team on drones matters. LA Drones are custom made from engineering and software department which is in charge of building drones. Therefore, they can make drones which can be used for entertainment and those that have the ability to solve real problems.

With the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, La Drones can post the services it can offer to customers and other businesses. Some of these services are Filming using drones, advertising the sports facilities such as the stadiums, advertising hotels, casinos, spas and getaways, LA Drones can also be hired to showcase real estates and wedding events. Generally they are LA Drones are able to capture anything (Evans, 2012). To attract more traffic to its social media site LA Drones should post their previous events on the social media this way they will capture new clients by demonstrating to them the quality of their services offered by LA Drones.

Additionally, the company should create the social networking site in such a way that the customers can post their feedback on all their events thus making it easy for them to capitalize on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).


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