Sexual Assault on College Campus and How It Can Be Prevented

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Specific Purpose: The purpose is to describe sexual assault college campus, and how it can be prevented.

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I. Introduction

His hands moved towards my shorts and I felt them being pulled off. I could not move and became so scared, these was a college fresh man words after being raped (Kahlor and Eastin). Sexual assault is a critical issue and a multidimensional one on college campus and outcomes are elusive because of sexual impropriety inherent nature.

Sexual assault is an issue that need to be contended because it deserve attention. The complexity of the issue because of the reality of rape culture on campus. The Rape, Incest and Abuse National Network describe that someone is raped every five minutes in the U.S and the chances are greater for female victims than their male counterparts (Peggy, 45).

The purpose is to describe sexual assault college campus, and how it can be prevented.

II. Need

Some individuals describe sexual assault victims as ready or action, cheap, slut, instead of survivor, sufferer or victims. The worrying thing is the rate of sexual assault and the manner in which students can be protected and remain safe. Most researchers have revealed that the number of sexual violence has increased in the recent years (Peggy, 45). Thus, there is a need of reducing this number as the effects have impacted students lives negatively in our society.

Most students do not realize what constitute sexual assault since most of them have gone unreported and unnoticed (Bohmer and Andrea, 82). Though female students are susceptible to sexual assault, most victims are very young. Approximately 70% of rapes occur to female victims below the age of fifteen and twenty four (Joshua) and they never report whenever they are assaulted sexually.

Moreover, alcohol and substance use have been the main reason leading to rape and sexual assault on college campus. When under influence of alcohol or any other form of drug, students tend to be violent and aggressive leading to sexual assaults on their friend or to strangers on campus (Kahlor and Eastin). Therefore, there is a correlation between sexual assault and alcohol and substance use.

III. Satisfaction

To reduce the rate and number of sexual assault and rape, there is a need of doing better. The acceptable rape and sexual assault is zero on college campus (Peggy, 73). The focus have to be on creation of awareness on what sexual assault include to reduce the number of unreported cases. As part of rape and sexual assault in the U.S, students are being educated on the legal knowledge and definition of sexual assault and rape as one of the prevention program. Through that, complains must be taken seriously and disciplinary procedures followed to the later.

Besides, the culture that makes rape and sexual assault very common need to be changed by enabling students to enter sexual misconduct online programs. Having sex with an intoxicated woman is a felony and it is considered as rape (Joshua). Prevention have to be on relationship education and sex to show students their responsibilities while engaging in relationships.

IV. Visualization

Imagine a college campus with no environmental stress and peaceful. A life where every individual is safe to carry out their day today activities without being victims of rape and sexual assault. A drug and alcohol free college campus where there is no sexual misconduct that influence the life of students negatively. Life will be comfortable and suitable for learning as long as we realize the effect rape and sexual assault has on the victims life.

An individual who rapes and commit sexual assault is a perpetrator (Kahlor and Eastin), however, we need to find ways of being safe and free from sexual assault in college campus. Keeping off people with threatening behavior is important. You actions are very essential and are the main characteristics that matter. You can change the situation outcome by preventing rape and sexual assault. Reporting instances of sexual assault is important and should not go unnoticed and the perpetrators have to be punished by following the laws on sexual assault and rape.

V. Action

Sexual assault has been one of the major problems in our college campuses. Since the number of sexual violence has increased in the recent years, there is a need of reducing this number have impacted students lives negatively in our society. The victims are usually faced with doubt, criticism, blame and denied acceptance, respect and support they need. The college environment have therefore been hostile environments and there need to be laws and programs that can help in reducing the number of rape and sexual assault. It is my hope that this speech adds a straw and hasten a future in college campus that is free from sexual assault.

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