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Food Inc is a movie that was produced in the year 2008. It is an American movie that that mainly involves the documentary aspect. Robert Kenner is the film director of the Food Inc movie. It is important to note that the movie was once nominated for the Academy Award (Kenner Robert). The general overview of the movie is that it examines the cooperate farming that takes place in the United States of America. Thus, eventually, it comes to a conclusion that the agribusiness sector in the United States of America has the capability of producing food that is considered unhealthy. Thus, the unhealthy food that is manufactured in the region causes environmental damages and becomes highly abusive to both the animals and the employees of the organization. Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser are the narrators of the film.

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Environmental damage is the process by which there is an introduction of foreign particles and objects in the environment. Thus, the atmosphere and the environment at large becomes highly uncomfortable for the existence of human beings and living organisms. Thus, the agribusiness sector was responsible for the introduction of harmful substances into the environment as portrayed in the Food Inc movie.

The public review was epic that caused the film to receive positive reviews. Furthermore, the film is recognized for being nominated for several award winning categories. For example, the Academy Award and the Independent Spirit Awards in the year 2009. The two group awards fell under the Best Documentary feature.

The movie opens up in a supermarket in the United States of America. In the supermarket, the author tries to show through the video how the tomatoes and boneless meat are always exhibited in the unnatural nature all year round. Therefore, it opens the eyes of the public o how the truth about certain foods are usually hidden from the consumers limiting their knowledge and understanding. Fast forwarding after the introductory phase, the movie, Food Inc movie shifts the attention and focuses on fast food topic, and he impacts that the fast food idea has in the meat industries (Kenner Robert Film). Historically, the first meal began with McDonalds at a time when they decided to have a simplification of their menu and have the employment of workers who had the capability of repeating one task severally in the institution. The reason for the repeated work was due to the low wages payment hence creating fast foods.

McDonalds in the todays world becomes the largest buyer of beef and the potatoes that are produced in the United States of America. There is a drastic impact that emerges in the manner through which food is produced. However, it was unintentional from the onset. Tyson Corporation according to the Food Inc movie is the largest meat packer and controller in America.

The documentary further shifts the explanation and attention by taking the viewer to a chicken farm in Kentucky. In its explanation, one understands that since the year 1950, there has been a rapid doubling of sizes of the chicken. The incredible sizes that chickens reach in the todays society are faster than the time it took a chicken to achieve the said size in the earlier years. The movie shows that chicken is often genetically modified in our society in an attempt for the producer to try and meet the consumer preference that is shifting towards white meat requirements. Interestingly, the Food Inc movie explains that the chickens grow at a much faster rate, a rate that makes it difficult for the bones and the organs of the chicken to keep up with the rapid growth that takes place in the chickens muscles (Chesterman, Lesley 1). An original farmer who was followed by the filmmakers for the documentary did decline to let people visit the chicken house. It was established later that she was visited multiple times by the Tyson representatives hence the decline.

The critics of the movie gave it a high rating due to the truths that the film was trying to communicate and bring to the public. An example of the critics is the Staten Island Advance. The body termed the documentary as an excellent documentary that was more sobering to the public and individuals (Chesterman, Lesley 1). Their overall conclusion was that the importance and the functions of documentaries are to illuminate and show information that has the capability of altering the manner through which we as human beings think. Thus, based on this definition, Food Inc is a must see and also a successful documentary. Many reviews have been positive on the movie with others terming it a positive movie with naked truth about environmental damage and global warming education aspects. The movie thus has a compelling appeal to the agribusiness section and human beings common sense to change the technologies that are applied in the food production because of the harmful effects that they bring along.

For example, the Tomatomer review gave the movie a 96 percent rating terming it an eye opener for the public about the food industry. Therefore, the film is considered a success due to the positive educative aspects that it has to the public (Tomatomer 1). Individuals will be able to understand on the impacts that the agribusiness have on the environment and also on the health issues in human beings life. Thus, individuals will help in the development of mechanisms to mitigate the impacts.

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