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A talented English poet and a literary critic, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who is known as one of the founders of the Romantic Movement, formulated the basic concepts this movement. The first thing that needs to be said is that in his works, Coleridge focused his attention to the strong feelings, and shows his great interest to the nature. He conveys his feelings underlining them by the descriptions of the beauty of the nature.

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Perhaps we should also point out the fact that, Coleridge in his works used the folklore elements. One should note here that, Coleridge showed a great interest to the rural life and simple people, describing the beauty of the countryside, people leaving their by using simple language. The best examples of these concepts are two poems made by Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Eolian Harp created in 1795; and "This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison" written during 1797. In the first poem: The Eolian Harp, the poet describes his feelings to his wife and their relationships by the portraying of the evening they spent together in the countryside. Coleridge stresses on the feelings and emphasize his mental state by the description of the surrounding nature. In this work, he also used some folkloric elements as: Elfins, witchery and Fairy-Land. In the second poem called "This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison", Coleridge shows his sadness because of his friends went for a walk without him. The poet describes his feelings and the garden in which he spent a day alone. What is more in this conversational poem, Coleridge used some Gothic images to show his state and to underline the magic of the night.

In addition to all written above, in both these conversational poems Coleridge presented the idea of the coexistence of people, nature and God. This idea, his interest in the village life and in the description of the strong feelings made him with his friend and other English poets of the Romantic Movement to create a literary school. Many of The Lake Poets lived in the Lake District of England or visited this territory. The striking example of this literary school is the collection of the poems created by Coleridge in co-operation with his friend William Wordsworth, called Lyrical Ballads. This combination of the works of two authors is full of the poems created according to the concepts given above and of the traditions of the literary school known as The Lake Poets.

In conclusion I can say that although Samuel Taylor Coleridge wasnt the most famous poet of the Romantic Movement, he created basic concepts of the Romanticism in literature. The most famous poets of this movement used the described concepts, not always following the ideas. So, Coleridge became the ancestor of the movement.


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