Ruth and Naomi: A Story of Friendship, Growth and Change

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Naomi lived during the time when the judges were the ones in the rule. His sons were Kilion and Mahlon. Throughout the story of Naomi, we can see that the power of God is demonstrated and used to bring something good out of the bitterness. We can see that she had even changed her name after she lost her two sons and husband. She felt bitter since she was faced with so much in her life. She felt that she could not even provide for the daughter in laws she had and told them to be left Moab. One of the daughters was left, and Ruth felt that she could not be separated with her mother in law (Obbard, 2003).

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She went through a period where she even hated herself and felt with bitterness as she felt that God was punishing her. In addition to that, she had to move around to places. She first left her home place and went to Moab due to feminine, later; she went back to Bethlehem after she lost her sons and husband. Gods power is seen through Ruth, who refused to leave her mother-in-law to go alone. She even helped her as she became rehabilitated back after she had passed through the withdrawal period.

Ruth getting a loving husband, who was a kinsman to the deceased husband of Naomi, is a show of gods power. After hardships, Boaz would be able to provide for both Ruth and Naomi, and in that way, they would not lack anything or be separated from each other (Giles & Doan, 2016).

In conclusion, Naomi and Ruth show how women in the Bible were taken and treated. Starting with how they were treated as objects of pleasure. The advice Naomi gave to Ruth shows that if she could not have followed that method, she could not have gained the attention of Boaz. She first had to dress in a way that was attracting, in that she could draw the attention of Boaz. After that, she was not to disturb him till he was done with his feeds. It is known that after men eat and get satisfied, they are likely to look for something that will attract them and women are best option. Despite all this, it shows that God expressed his power though women as much as men.


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