Caring Science and Caring Practice

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Caring practice and science are two crucial terms in the field of health care. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two terms due to their close relationship. Caring science is a broad term that encompasses a human science orientation to experiences and phenomena of human caring processes. It includes science, humanities, and arts as well. The perspective of caring science is based on a global view of connectedness and unity of all. The investigations of caring science involve inquiries that are objective, subjective, interpretative, and reflective. Moreover, it includes both empirical and clinical epistemological approaches to inquiry but is open to exploring new research areas that cover ways of knowing. They include, for example, narrative, poetic, aesthetic, moral, and spiritual know how CITATION Jea09 \l 1033 (Watson, 2009).

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Caring practice, on the other hand, includes collaborative and autonomous care of persons of all communities, groups, families, ages, and health status. Therefore, it covers all practices/activities that aim at improving the quality of lives of members of the society. Moreover, it includes prevention of diseases, caring for the dying, disabled, ill, and promotion of health for all. The unique job of those involved in caring practice is to assess the patients responses to their medical condition as well as help them perform activities that contribute to health recovery. One of the primary examples of caring practice is the nursing practice. Nurses are the primary individuals concerned with taking care of patients. They deal with the patients by helping them in their recovery process.

Going by the above definitions of caring practice and science, it is clear to find out that the close relationship between the two terms. Both caring practice and caring science aim at improving the quality of services delivered to patients. Caring practice and science both share the functions of implementation, evaluation, and planning to ensure efficiency and adequacy of the overall health system. Moreover, both caring practice and caring science share a common ground. The nursing discipline acts as the base/ground of both caring practice and caring science. However, caring science is a new field encompassing the evolving nursing practice. It is, however, expanding to include other areas namely humanities, arts, ethics, philosophy, peace studies, ecology, feminist studies, and education CITATION Jea09 \l 1033 (Watson, 2009). Therefore, caring science is gradually transforming into a Transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary field. However, both caring science and caring practice have relevance to all human service, education, and health professions and fields.

Technology has been part of the evolving developmental era of health care in the twenty-first century. More machinery and equipment are in application than those in use a century ago. Health professionals and personnel concerned with taking care of patients are involving themselves in a practice confined to technology. There is a growing lack of nurse to patient interaction due to the increased use of the new health care equipment. It is, however, difficult to ignore the existing technological advancements in patient care since they make work simpler.

The current caring science and caring practice techniques are aiming at encouraging a more physical patient to nurse interactions with the minimal use of machinery so as to improve customer satisfaction. Patients need more of the interaction since they sometimes suffer from isolation when machines/equipment is in increased use. Health experts stress that physical nurse to patient interactions goes a long way in aiding patient recovery.



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