Review of Wilsons Jackie Robinson and The American Dilemma

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In the novel, "Jackie Robinson and the American Dilemma, the author, John Wilson, explains Robinson efforts to fight with segregation and the effect he left on the sports cultures during the era of world war 11. In those times, there was racism discrimination even in the sports where the blacks were seen as people who could not be able to compete with the whites. The American history portrays the white sportsmen who represented their country in various competitions; it was not possible to see black competitors. John Wilson begins the biography with the childhood of Robinson, who was a young boy that no one ever thought that would become the great person that he turned out to be in the future.

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The author explains the kind of hardship that Robinsons underwent as a young black boy. Towards the end of the biography, the author explains the challenges that Robinson experienced after his family was assassinated. This reflected the kind of killings that the black community was facing while the government was not doing enough to liberate them. Wilson explains that there were many orphans among the black people since their parents were killed mystically (Wilson, 23). This led to most of them involving in criminal activities.

By breaking the color barrier in basketball, Jackie Robinson was able to enlighten the American people of the kind of racism that has been going on for a very long time. The disjuncture between the American ideal of equalities and liberty and the reality of racism, discrimination and segregation, was evident. America is known to have people who belong to different cultures and background. Such issues have been experienced for a very long time, yet no one came out publicly to fight for the rights of others. Jackie Robinson used his accomplishment as a professional basketball player to fight for the right of the black in the American history. As Wilson describe it in the book, Robison, suffered through five different types of the personal and political disaster of a huge magnitude that could easily destroy the life of the weak boy. Although he went through all those challenges, Robison did not lose hope of one day becoming one of the people that would fight for the right of the black community. The author explains that driving force that motivates him to work even harder in his career was the issue that was affecting his people (Wilson, 45). He waited for the elective members to try to enlighten the world of the situations of the black community, but every elective member forgot about them immediately they attain those positions.

John R.M. Wilson's book about the American dilemma portrays how Jackie Robinson's life changed his career in basketball to shine a light in the struggles faced by nations. Jackie Robinson brought the American face to face with the dilemma that had led to many struggles throughout the American history. Such struggles included inequality between people with different skin colors, discriminations, separation of different racial groups and racial prejudice.

Jackie Robinsons wife, Rachael and three children lived in the countryside in Stamford where they would hold swimming parties and invite friends over for ice-skating and playing hockey. Jackie was no different from other players since he had his shares of highs and lows in the field. His dedication as a baseball player got him an award as the most valuable player in the National League. At his mid-thirties, he became more recognized when the Dodgers won the World Series against the New York Yankees. Jackie Robinson career started when he was still young. He used to see how the grown up were playing and believed that he can do better. This motivated him to be one of the best players in the country.

Overall, the biography is filled with Robison achievements from the time he started his career until when he retired. This was to help motivate the young generation of the black community; they can also achieve their dream despite the many challenges that they experience. Robinson mother was his biggest motivator while he was a young person. She was dedicated to working hard to ensure that Robinson was able to attend school and have the basic needs of any normal child. Her mother was known to have come from a humble background and could not afford many luxuries like other people. She had to work extra harder for her to be able to provide for her family. Although they were the only black people living in that region, Mallie, Robison mother ensured that she never received any complaints from their neighbors regarding the behaviors of her children. She raised them to be very discipline and respected all the members of the society. From time to time, Malie reminded her five children the type of racism that the country was experiencing and showed them the right manner of behaving for them to avoid any conflicting issues with the white. This aspect greatly motivated Robison as he promised her mother that he would liberate her from that kind of poverty. Her mother usually ensured that he attend the church service for him to grow up as a religious person.

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