Responsibility of the Leader

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The world is full of leadership programs but getting the best way of leading people becomes the responsibility of the leader. This is because there are enormous challenges that face an individual in his or her leadership. It is, therefore, important to learn different traits of a good leader from the previous leaders that led their organizations or countries successfully (Baldoni, 2009). There are many leaders all over the world, but the greatest model of a leader I envy is Nelson Mandela. He showed great leadership through his personal and leadership traits. Nelson Mandela being a leader showed great leadership qualities which included motivating other people. Mandela was imprisoned for twenty years, but the quench for his leadership did not die. He motivated his supporters that they should not lose their faith of gaining freedom in South Africa, but they should continuously fight until they achieved their freedom. Furthermore, while in prison, he could write motivating letters to his supporters that they should continue with the fight tirelessly until they are granted their freedom by the whites. What is more, after he was released from prison and became the president, Mandela continued to motivate the people of South Africa to work hard so as to become economically independent. In most cases, his speech was motivating and made people redouble their efforts in almost all the sectors of the economy. Furthermore, Mandela also had a characteristic of achieving results. His leadership was aimed at realizing the results for all the people of South Africa (Mandela, 2003). Even though he was tortured in prison for twenty-eight years, he was eager to gain South African independence which made him a result oriented leader. Additionally, Nelson Mandela also had the character of creating solutions for the problems encountered. He would create solutions to problems aggravating South African people included poverty and landlessness. Through this, people were in a position to live happy lives. Nelson Mandela could also use insights to solve the problems in South Africa, and this made him a charismatic leader.

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Becoming a great leader is something that is not easy and does not happen overnight. Great leadership can be achieved through discipline, commitment, and hard work. These are important in improving the expertise and experience. It is known that great leaders are shaped over time, and different leaders can embody various traits in executing their leadership tasks and responsibilities. Leading people, in particular, positions requires the application of leadership traits that have been previously applied by other great leaders (Bell, 2006). Being a senior client representative in the bank requires embodying qualities of leadership. As a leader in the bank, I would embody the following characteristics: Evaluate risks, analyze facts and also create solutions. These features are significant in that it allows for efficient service delivery in the bank. For example, evaluations of risks are necessary for the bank since the business is faced with threats that included financial and market risks. The bank might experience a shortage of finances which becomes a financial risk to the bank. Through the characteristics of evaluating the risks, I would be able to foresee the financial shortages that would befall the bank and thus appropriately come up with best strategies that will address such problems. Being a senior client representative, I would also be in a position to evaluate the problems that would befall the clients and appropriately address the problems before they present themselves (Giuliani & Kurson, 2002). This will, in turn, become a mitigating strategy for the problems. I would also be in a position to use the characteristic of facts analysis to analyze the facts regarding the bank and the clients. Analyzing the behavior of customers such as their financial borrowing and repaying character is important because it allows for an efficient serving of the customers. Furthermore, the problems such as customer relations with the bank can easily be solved by coming up with the best solutions for such problems. Looking for alternatives becomes a strategy for creating solutions to the problems befalling both the clients and bank. Employing these leadership qualities is important as it will enable me to discharge the duties of customer representative effectively at the bank.


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