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Donald Trumps candidacy acceptance speech attracted the attentions of many people globally. The anticipations followed Donald trump controversial character. Ideally, many people did not believe that Donald trump would win the elections because his opponent was often leading in the popular votes. For this reason, Donald trumps candidacy acceptance speech had the attentions of many people around the globe. His speech depicted optimism and courage. Most of the crucial sections of the speech include making American great through job creations, security and making the laws strict. Analytically, trump believed that American deserve respect from other countries around the globe, which appear to be deficient in the country. Trump was hopful that with his leadership, the Americans will enjoy security, abundance jobs, respect, and respect to the constitutions of the United States. However, the speech is controversial because Donald Trump did not give credit to the leadership of president Obama. This essay is presentations of arguments of President Donald Trump candidacy acceptance speech.

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Donald Trump candidacy acceptance speech gave courage to his followers. In his speech, trump showed how every American was important in making America a safe place to live. For example, Donald trump said that his government would make the American leadership system suitable for all citizens. As a leader, it was wise for Donald trump to recognize the opposition was important in making America a better place. Donald trump had good promises to the people of America. Some of the pleasant promises include safety at the borders, equal treatments to all American children, reducing illegal immigration to protect American jobs and to end terrorism. Donald Trumps manifesto that comes clear from the speech makes him a good leader and a true agent of change in the country.

The candidacy acceptance speech focused on the important sectors of the American economy. For example, Trump had an interest in improving the security of U.S, reducing illegal immigration, protecting the resources of the country, improving the health sectors of the country, and uniting the Americans. The entire speech depicts a visionary leadership because it focused on crucial sectors of the economy. Ideally, the term making American great again was a statement that contained many plans that Trump had for the Americans.

However, though the entire speech seems great, Donald Trump did not recognize the efforts of president Obamas regime. Ideally, Trump identified different instances of illegal killings of innocent citizens by the police. Despite the facts about the failures of the government, it was wise for Trump to recognize the achievements and the strengths of the government. Essentially, negative criticism of the government does not attract the goodwill of the leaders how have sacrifice time to improve various sectors of the economy.

The statement making America great again suggest that the country is in a bad state which is not true. Besides, the belief that American command respect from other countries is a self-centered belief. Donald Trump had to consider other people outside the world as important and require respect just as the American do. A leader should protect equality and consider other people important.

In conclusion, Donald Trump candidacy acceptance speech provided courage to the followers. The speech showed that Trump is courageous and determine to bring change in America. In his speech, trump is considerate of the opposition because he is to incorporate all the citizens in the development programs. However, Trump should have recognized the efforts of president Obama. It was wise of Donald Trump to recognize citizens of other countries as important and command respect.

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