Resolving Conflict

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People are not always expected to agree on everything. At one point or the other, a disagreement will always ensue. Disagreements and arguments are what causes conflicts. In our daily healthy life conflict, Is a regular thing. Often people look for ways to avoid conflicts rather than learning to deal with it. Personally, I have encountered many situations where conflicts arose, and I have heard to deal with them. There are many causes of conflict and many ways to deal with conflict. Hence, it is better to learn how to address conflict in whatever situation it may arise. This essay discusses ways in which conflict can be resolved.

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The ability for one to resolve conflict depends on a couple of other abilities and skills. Firstly, it depends on ones ability to cope with stress quickly while remaining alert and calm. This entails that one is in control of their emotions. Conflict resolution also depends on a persons ability to pay attention to the feelings and words spoken by others. A person also needs to be aware of the differences between people and be respectful in accordance to the disparities. With these abilities, you can always resolve a problem faster.

However resolving a conflict entails more than just the abilities. The initial step to solving a conflict is to identify the cause of the conflict. Through the identification of the cause, one can quickly know to deal with it. For example in a case of conflict at work, the cause may be dissatisfaction or personal stress. Once you identify the cause, you look for ways deal with the situation and avoid neglecting the core problem. Have a positive attitude, and belief that the conflict is going to be resolved. A positive attitude will push you towards finding the solution.

Moreover, to successfully resolve conflict it is preferable to practice two core skills. The first skill entails reducing and managing stress effectively. Personally, I manage stress by talking to someone I trust. By managing stress, I can remain focused and in control no matter what challenge I might face. The second skill that is vital in solving conflict is emotional awareness. Emotional awareness entails that I will be able to deal with my emotions as well as understand other peoples feelings. With emotional awareness, I can remain comfortable with my feelings and I will react in constructive ways even if in a midst of an argument or a perceived attack. Sometimes a conflict becomes worse because of people inability to understand other peoples emotions. Understanding other people's emotion is of the importance of getting what is troubling the other party. By putting yourself in another persons situation, one can know the reason they the person is behaving in a given way.

From my experience, an open minded person is likely to solve a conflict than a hard one. Be ready to listen to other peoples ideas and change where appropriate. Conflicts cannot be resolved without changes, whether physical, emotional or mental. Conflict solving knowledge enables me to solve my problems as individual hence live with people peacefully. Dealing with one ones personal conflict makes one better at dealing with conflicts arising from external sources. It will also enable me understand other people and help them in solving the problem by not getting physical.

Solving conflict is not a difficult task. With the necessary skills and self-control, one can always deal with conflict in any situation. Conflict resolution is not only important to an individual but also to other people and ones career development.

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